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I’d have to say that the Heart of the Volcano Boss fight was comically easy. I’ve fought a few of the other bosses, Black Keep, Dragons, Spiders, etc and they are all pretty much to easy. Are there any plans to up the difficulty on these fights? They are easy enough that it seems to be ruining the material economy.


Some bosses won’t even try to hit you.
Some commit suicide and the rest might as well considering how easy they are.

Yep, I totally wondered about barrowed king.
So easy to kill, one only needs one blood and then can farm stupid amounts of blood killing that guy all the time.

But not only that one is easy.
Regarding keykeepers, at least those in swungle arent as difficult as those in the center.
And if comparing black rhino/mama croc with undead dragon, it feels off for the dragon to be way easier to kill (and a lot faster) than the other two.

And as I was wondering at first about those dragon hatchlings… They are sturdy a bit, but its totally possible to do one heavy strike then roll back (light armor) and never get hit by them. Though it wont be possible for everyone. Only for those who can react fast enough it will be possible to solo them. And if the game is wanted to be successful, it should be possible for every interested player to play this game.
(Which then would then need easy, medium and hardcore servers, but I think that would be too much…

Another thought.
Maybe for more hardcore servers/settings, a bar for scaling attack speed would be needed. Then every private server/singleplayer game could be altered to an amount where its good for the player.
So aside of one HP-scaling setting for bosses for smaller parties/duo/solo players a second one to alter their attack speed. As there already is a damage multiplier, we wont need an additional one for that.

So spent the weekend playing around with the bosses. In Silent Legion and a great sword, I can solo every area boss and monster boss except for the spider (due to the high amount of poison - no set shrine yet). Most of what I see is that the hit boxes for attacks (like from the giants and barrow king) arent adjusted properly as they continually swing over the players. Also, mob boundary boxes and collision detection is poor. There are several mobs, including the dragons, that you can just fight them from inside their model and never really get hit. I hope this is really being worked on because I love the game just we are losing people from the server due to the end game content being poorly implemented.

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