All But 6 Of The Official Servers Just Went Down

Hi Folks.

It seems like all but 6 of the official servers have just disappeared. As a new player on the official servers, is this a common thing?


When a release just happened…yeah. This was a very large update and changed almost every aspect of the game in some functional way so there are going to be lots of turbulence during take off.

As significant as this update was, and the fact they have monetized the gaming process, I would have expected things to be in a much better state prior to launch, and now several weeks later, even more so.

@erjoh how long would you define take off exactly?

No… and NOT even when a release just happens. But the new store, challenge and battle-pass system are global across all servers public and private as well as single player and co-op. So any tuning or updates that needs as they mature those systems over the next few weeks will take pretty much everything down - momentarily. I think it’s the “Funcom Live Services” (FLS) that’s at the heart of these massive outages. Maybe (hopefully) they are fixing some issues with the server code as well and if so, that too might be getting updated everywhere - all at once - although, if so, that is their decision and not out of necessity like something involving FLS would be.

Everything usually is back up and operating normally in about 15 or 20 minutes though so, no biggy - at least for me.

3-4 weeks to hammer out the ugly junk and 2 months to level off the annoying stuff. The minor stuff that can easily be ignored? update.

That’s all subject to change if a major exploit is found…then that gets special attention and you release an emergency fix along with the other stuff that passed QC.

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