All items and clothing removed from character and lost

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash / Bug]
Region: [America]

I died in the desert near pariah’s overwatch, I went back to my corpse and collected my items. I walked a few feet and put on my armor… the game froze and crashed at this point and I sent a video report to Sony.

On restarting instead of where the game crashed, I was back at my spawn point naked, returning to the corpse from this point, it was EMPTY.

How does this even happen? Isn’t the game server side so it should know exactly where the game crashed and as such be stored immediately wherever I was, NOT placing me back at my spawn point. Worse, it seems there is some client side nonsense being stored, so I am being placed back at my spawn point naked, but server side my corpse is saved as looted and empty.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It’s possible if you were on a server at the time, it didn’t have time to send all of the data when you collected your gear before the crash, so it’s possible when it crashed, it only had the data that your gear was collected, but not by who, which would also affect your inventory.

If it were single player, it’s just possible it didn’t autosave properly.