All my sfuff disappears and game wont save well

I play singleplayer
Loaded up game to find everyrhing including house gone with maybe two fixtures still there.
Irritated as i had just farmed for hours.
Then it now says it doesnt find my save data even tho i can press continue

Funcom has definitely screwed the pooch with their last patch. I suggest setting the game down until they fix it, that problem and worse has been plaguing me and others for the past week, and it is not just a one time occurrence either.

Hi there,
How long has it been since you last logged in? Did you see any notification in your in-game log?
Apologies for the inconvenience and frustration.

I had something crazy happen to me today, two different instances though; I play offline, single player.

So first, I was in the volcano, I removed bracelet to get back to my base. Game loaded me up next to my bed, in my base. I moved maybe two, three paces away from bed, screen froze. After like a minute of waiting I force-closed the application, and re-started the game. I woke up in the desert; all my journey steps got reset, so I had the newbie ones like kick, climb, find signs of intelligent life. When I opened journey step section, all gone, only question marks.

Travelled to my base near the broken aqueduct in the highlands, and most of my items placed on tables were gone, tankards, plates, incense. Then in the basement of my base there were three large chests missing and the wall shelves they were stacked on, along with the wall signs next to them. Nothing else missing.

Second time today, I played for a while then got out of the game but I let it sit in the main menu; I came back about two hours later, and when I went to single player and pressed Continue, and chose offline mode, I got a message that there is no save file present, and if I wanted to start a new game. So I also left main menu, re-started game and then it worked. But the journey steps are still gone as of now, am still getting them again like I just started the game.

Oh I remember one more thing; when I kill human enemies around Mounds the the Dead, at the bottom of screen there appears written - J[Multiple values.

@Tascha, dumb question, but… how do we see/open the in game log? Never heard there was one, would love to take a look at those fly by messages I can never read!

Not a dumb question at all. I could have been more clear. I mean the system log where you normally see chat messages.


i think she is refering the event log you can find in escap menu.

Where you can see what destroy your building (player or decay system)