All my stuff disappeared

So I log back on after being off a month or so and all my things are gone my house,pets,thralls everything how do I get them back?

All items in game have a decay timer. If you don’t log in, all your items will eventually decay. The larger the structure you build, the longer the decay timer.
You can craft a repair hammer to check the decay time on any item.

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You don’t. But if you’re playing single player, or on your own server, you can turn off the decay timer so it doesn’t happen again.

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And the nearly unexplained*, game-destroying mechanic that is the Decay Timer strikes again.

*ingame, most people don’t go to the forums

FC should at a journey step where you either have to decay a building or use a repair hammer… and make it one of the first goals/steps.


Personally I think they should be REALLY up front about it, considering it’s:
A) Super destructive and demotivating
B) Otherwise fairly hidden (yeah once you know about it you can find the info but if you don’t…)
C) Not a feature you’d expect coming from other games/genres
D) Primarily strikes new players, who have less investment in the game and so are more likely to abandon it

Hardly the first time I’ve made this point, but I suppose repeating it again can’t cause any harm.

For the record, I’ve never had something decay on me that I didn’t want to decay, so it’s not a personal grudge or anything, but I’ve seen too many people hit by it. Mostly ingame, they rarely come to the forums (OP is an exception there).


Totally agree with @Mikey, last night had to yet again explain Decay, and Purge to another batch of new players who had no clue about the existence of such mechanics. Can’t tell you how many more I’ve seen who show up asking why all their stuff disappeared (or is damaged) and we never see them again. :persevere:


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