All my T3 black ice pillars are gone from my base

All the pillars inside my base that i used as additional reinforcement are all deleted , i cant believe this, if it was a mistake or glitch i would understand but you just removed half my base needlessly
we need some kind of rollback

If by pillars you mean the supports , thats in the patch notes and I pretty sure was discussed way ahead of time. Now if you mean pillars T1 T2 and T3. Then I’d guess its a mod you are using.

Zugs , i also dont mean the support beams
the ones im talking about are T3 black ice pillars i put inside fence foundation, very advanced building technique, very costly with materials but supposed to be very good at withstanding explosives, make a cross in a box with fence foundation and put 4 pillars inside there, and the pillars inside my fence foundation is gone now
i dont have a pic :frowning:

also i am on an official server

if this is true then this could be what causes my game to crash on load. since inhave a large structure with a keep whose roof is supported by long rows of pillars. about 1000 blocks i estikate would come crashing down if they were to dissappear…

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