All Nordheimers T4 uses the same model (bald guy same face)

they look like clones.

must have something broken. or maybe typo.

To clarify, is this on testlive? If so, you may want to move that discussion over there. If not, ignore me :slight_smile:

NO this is on the live branch.

just get in and spawn nordheimers t4s.

If you’re spawning them in, it’s probably the same named T4 that you’re spawning over and over.

no, i am playing over official, the issue is on official, i wonder you havent seem nordheimers thralls spawns lately. XD

I know its official, I’m saying the admin menu always spawns the same NPC for the T4 option in each faction/Race. If you capture them out in the world, they’ll have different appearances.

I can confirm we do have a male balding problem with nords.

they also have the exact same face. azzend. XD

Yeah I know seems several different named have that issue like Hyamm and Kot the 2 dafari blacksmith its like everything is getting the cookie cutter treatment.

This is on both build, Multigun, on both.
Thralls have become clones more and more over time. I could ever show you example-pics of some. Same for dancers.
While for low tier thralls this may be ok, for T4 and named it’s bit dull and frustrating having still the same face, haircut and all over and over.
For my opinion, named should be bit unique, and look like it. And they did in the past, and i could easily recognise my dancers, and others, what isn’t the case any more.
Details, yes, but details are building worlds. :wink:

Gotcha. I never have time to pay attention to their actual look when I’m modding and bug testing spawns. It’s more like, “is it spawning? Yay or nay? okay next.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, that’s the thingy, time. Like many modders and devs, you’re mostly in the kit or UE and barely more in the game for the game.
I see this often with modders, but yes, it’s a fact, bald guys alerts over the harsh lands ! :rofl:

And yes, sure you will more notice by spawning them in, but ever inworld, there lot more clones around. People only notice it more with T4, named and theyr dancers. Most dancers also look now similar, if you want some nice looking ones, mostly you have to grab a low tier one.

Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll inform our devs and see if they can add a bit more variety in the nordheimer gene pool :slight_smile:


Indeed. I noticed this trend towards similar looks on tier 4 Thralls recently when I built my base near Flotsam in the jungle-swamp: I have Maev the Magnificent (Blacksmith), Fia (Armorer), Sigyn the Woodworker (Carpenter) and Melicoma the Watcher (Smelter) - and they all have the same hairstyle and colour, even though they’re recruited from the Black Hand, Lemurians and Exiles. It’s a bit boring that every female crafter thrall looks the same.


dear ignasis, this problem is also occurring with the dancers (and others) , it does not only affect nordheimers, , (it is only more shocking with nordheimers, as all of them are the exact model, as said above.

happy weekend.,


Its not just the nordheimer have noticed in other racial names as well and one thing least is to me is aggravating is now the T3s are wearing armor that used to be exclusively T4s especially on the armorers in Sep used to you could identify a t4 from a distance now T3s and T4s look same.

as far as i can tell the purple light armor , its been like that since they added, i am not concerned about it, my concern is the use of the same model for something that should be considered unique. and that doesd not include clothing.

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I agree each named should be individualized but for me is more the asthetics on the armor and that seemed to end up on the T3s right after they implemented more races into the pool. Its more a personal issue for me as is the cloning of named. Had not really noticed this before but Than Hammerblow Poscore Nimblefingers Hyam Hammerhand and Kot all have exactly same model hair face and most same armor.

Yes, they look same, and armor are really not a concern for me.
I still give them better armors and weapons anyway. All my fighter- and archer-thralls have good heavy armors still. They’re to weak if you let them the armors they come with mostly.

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Ones I was referring to were the workstation thralls used too from a distance you knew it was a named even before you could see their name now in sep it don’t matter as much because they don’t auto aggro. but other areas you have to react fast and risk killing them. And actual discussion is they all look the same instead of being unique.

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