All NPC Resetting to 100%

NPC Resetting to 100% as soon as you start climbing and life straight up

is it possible to turn it off?

or if you can fix it so you can turn it off. so it is server owner who decides if it should be on or off?

The Abyssal Remnant is impossible to do alone.!

please do something about it

thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Not to my knowledge. It’s part of the new leash mechanic to try to prevent cheesing of bosses. It’s a recent change, so maybe they’re still trying to smooth out the wrinkles.

Its all part of the WOW mentality. Its one step closer to making this a theme park mmo instead of a survival game. Next itll be match making stones at all the bosses. Definitely a step backwards.


I want this AWAY!