ALL NPCs go unconscious before I can kill them (DLC weapon bug?)

Single-player: no mods
Windows 10

  • Character Saved Game file is from pre-patch, but post pre-launch.

UPDATE 3 seems to be the issue/answer:

  • in short: weapons were modified with toolkits from the Halloween Event (no mods)
  • Its my assumption these kits are more ‘potent’ than the ones after the patch, and that using these kits causes the ‘consciousness’ status bar to show up above Human NPCs health bar - after attacking.

I have tested using a non-modified weapon, and the ‘conscious meter bar’ does not appear over the Human NPCs heads after attacking, only when switching to the modified weapons. (again, I don’t mean ‘mods’, but the toolkits available in game and from the Halloween Event.)

  • So, game does not appear to be ruined - though it was/is a strange bug that Funcom may wish to look into. :wink:

note: While this is good - it still doesn’t solve the issue of the Human NPC characters glitching into the ground.

Issue: Using Yamatai Sai has been pretty great with this particular character I have…

  • She is level 29, (though leveling seems to have stopped after patch as well)

… but, when fighting Human NPCs (even tier 3) - they go unconscious before I can kill them.

  • Once they go unconscious, you can’t kill them… (No loot - nothing, just a bunch of unconscious bodies laying all over the camp)
  • The exception to this is when using a Khitan Jian with the Yamatai Sai on a tier 3 or ‘named boss’ - then they bleed out and Fall Through the Ground!

Very frustrating - its not just in one area - its from the Jungle, where I have been, with this character, and up to the north.

  • Animals don’t go unconscious, but tend to bleed out, making the Sais viable alternative to shield and sword, etc.

1: All human NPCs will go unconscious
1b: Cannot loot them
1c: Cannot kill them

2: Tier 3 and ‘named bosses’ will:
2a: Go unconscious, and bleed out while unconscious, thus dying - if using the Khitan Jian with Yamatia Sai.
2b: They ALWAYS glitch into the ground afterward.

note: Using the Khitan Jian, by itself - will also cause them to go unconscious - its not just the Yamatai Sai! (So regardless of weapon)

  • This is, again, very frustrating, as you may imagine. :slight_smile:
    I don’t think this can be fixed, as my other saved game file, post patch, doesn’t have this issue (though I have not tried the DLC with it yet) Would be nice to have this game ‘saved’.


update 1:
Deleted all the files in “Conan Sandbox - Saved” Folder.

  • Had Steam verify the files, and place back the missing ones - to no avail.

Took on a named boss, ‘Oskar’ in the North and he went unconscious… as well as everyone else in the area I tried out. :frowning:

Update 2:

I took another Character Game Save, (similar to the one above… pre-patch, post pre-launch),
and I had no issues using the DLC weapons.

  • In fact, there was no bar to show the conscious level of the character being attacked - only their health bar was visible.

The above is interesting, as the other character has a ‘consciousness bar’ always visible on top of the health bar. (Not just when trying to make a thrall)

  • And, my newest character, (post patch), also has the ‘consciousness bar’ visible on NPCs when attacking - though she hasn’t had the same issue as mentioned in this thread.

note: Seems like its related to the ‘wheel of pain’?
Anyone else able to view an NPCs ‘consciousness level bar’ on top of the health bar when not trying to make a thrall?

Update 3:

  • Health Damage 16 (Khiatan Jian stat)
    I have some weapon upgrade (no mods) that I received from the Halloween event that I applied to my weapons.

It seems this may be the cause of the Human NPCs gaining the ‘conscious meter bar’ above their heads and going unconscious vs. dying each time?

  • But that is a bit over-powered and ‘game-breaking’ in the sense that these tools can only be used to ‘break’ human NPCs into Thralls - as well as kill animals.

Can anyone verify this?

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What kind of modification did you use on your weapons? In case you do no longer know, what is the small icon next to the weapon looking like (a sack or a rod)?


@Starwalker, How I recall it was a bullet shape.
(Forgot the name, but it was the highest ‘tier’ - from the Halloween event - hope that helps.)

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Looks like a short rod with a rounded top? That one adds blunt(!) damage to your weapon, it is meant actually to enhance truncheons to do more bashing damage to clobber enemies into unconsciousness. So you converted your weapon into a truncheon.

Your killing damage modifier should look like a sack with pointy things sticking out :wink:

Edit: using the blunt modifier on bows is actually needed to make use of the blunt arrows, because otherwise the killing power of the bow makes the blunt arrows useless.


@Starwalker, SOLVED - thanks!

You’re right, I used the blunted ones on my Yamatai Sai and Khitan Jian.

Had no idea what was happening, even named characters would fall before dying - lol!
(Well, funny now I have a solution.) :slight_smile:

Again, thanks!

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One issue remaining from this…
If they go unconscious, and then bleed out - their body tends to always go into the ground.

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