All official servers shut down - 1977

Português PT-BR
Oi pessoal…
Queria saber por que todos os servidores oficiais da américa latina entre outros estão desligados… Alguém sabe dizer por que isso está acontecendo @Funcom_Community ???

Lembrando que o servidor PVEC 1977 sofrendo com conexão desde o dia 4/9/2022 ontem apenas que funcionou, após isso todos estão OFF neste momento incluíndo o servidor oficial PVEC 1977


Truth check it here, the servers in Latin America don’t even appear for me, and the rest is 9999 ping

Let’s hope they are doing some urgent maintenance to improve the LATAN servers… hahaha … Or the last path broke the LATAN servers once and for all.

I haven’t been able to log in to the EU tests server in days, it’s there, just wont load.

Maybe next time of endless teasers, they could release the testlive earlier to get tackle all these bugs and issues. I do understand testlive isnt the same as live and it varies per user due to different hardware but it has been a very annoying first week of release.

There as a patch released for pc today, maybe their are working something on server side.

Has anyone already got this patch?

Acabou de voltar a funcionar agora pouco… Espero que tenha resolvido o problema do LAG que havia dentro do servidor oficial 1977 PVEC.

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