All Roads Lead to Rome

When doing the mission All Roads Lead to Rome the underground instance seemed broken. None of the enemies were engaging me (apart from the end boss) and the area with the flames allowed me to open the door and bypass all the flame traps.

The enemies are not supposed to be hostile on proximity. That you can by pass the flames is a bug though

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If you (try to) stun the end boss at the right time, you might end up with the “buff” that allows you to charge the anima portal even after the mission completes and you’re back in Agartha.

It has been a while since I last ran the mission so wasn’t sure about the enemies.

Being able to open the door from the wrong side and avoid the flame traps is certainly a bug though.

Looks like they replaced one bug with another. In the TSW version of the quest, you could pick up the dark side coin twice and skip the flame traps that way. :stuck_out_tongue: