All the slaves disappeared with today's server reset

conan outcast
official server japan

All the slaves disappeared with today’s server reset.
There is a description that it was because I was offline for a long time, but I am definitely logged in.

Please rollback the server.

Nearly 200 level MAX slaves disappearing is too low


Have been reading on the Forum looks like this is happening to a bunch of PC players right now. Did you get a recent update? Understand you play on a different version than the rest of playstation server’s on US server’s a hour ago Siptah thralls still there.

It’s happened to my clan/server too, pve oceanic

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Happened to me too… Server #1942

Not sure how much more I can take from this game ha…

Im on 3975 pve oceanic ps4 and all my thralls and pets have decayed the same way, no member of the guild has been online in a long time. I was on two days ago, others on the server still have there thralls


It’s caused because somehow the offical servers have been changed to Thrall Decay = 1 day
So unless someone in your clan is logging on every day, it will happen everywhere
There is also not much point placing more thralls until they fix it, as they will decay in the same time

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Yes it have a 1 day decfaytime on folowers

Yes this is bad, guess it have and will hit so many clans that the game will be empty, dont know it they can roll back the time om the server. From now we can only log in and reset daly till it fixed but no point building if it gona be resett!

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off servert #1016 same issue; thralls gone; plenty of time for leveling and plenty material for armor and weapons gone //

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