All thralls gone AFTER rollback

Official Server 1050 PvE. (DieYatzis)

Yo all my thralls are gone AFTER this dumb rollback… yea i lost some stuff that i farmed over the Weekend but this ist okay … But Not my thralls :frowning:

I think i am Not the only one -.-


Yep, I lost everything on 1587 and I MEAN EVERYTHING. I can’t support this game anymore…

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Yea thats suck … I Spend so much time in this Game and then this … Uargh dumb rollback … I Hope you get your stuff Back :c

Dang so u got double banged by funcom. You lost all your thralls, so you said OK well I’ll just replace them, and then you got banged again with the rollback. Damn that’s rough, someone give this man a hug.


Same thing happened to our clan on 1738. All of our followers are still gone, and we had just logged in to check on the state of things on 9/1 but they apparently rolled back to a save state BEFORE we logged in so it didn’t count or something and we still lost all followers anyways.

Our playthrough on that server is pretty much done, and we developing/testing our own server now so it’s not rly a big deal to us, but we still hop on to play with the friends we made from time to time and it would be nice to have some of our followers back to take with us during those times.

My only complaint, really is that they took too long to decide what to do about their mistake. This is an issue that should have been immediately addressed, but it took them two days to take action. Hopefully, they will learn from this and create an action plan for situations like this.

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Same here on 1029. At least my friends got their thralls back, but in my case the follower count is still zero.


I sent the following ticket to Funcom on 9/3:

Hello, just writing in to report that all our followers are still gone even after the rollback. I had logged in on 9/1 to check in on the state of things (prior to the mistake y’all made in editing the thrall decay timer) and apparently, you guys rolled back to a state BEFORE I logged in so it didn’t count my login activity on 9/1 or something and still deleted all of our followers.

Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

This is the response I received:

Greetings Exile,

We’ve received your official server performance issue report. We’ll take a look at what’s going on and pass the information on to our developers or our server host if needed. We’ll be in touch only if we have additional questions.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for taking the time to report the issue.

Also remember that if you are experiencing any other issues, you can submit a new ticket. We’ll be happy to help you out!

Don’t think there will be a resolution for those of us who are still missing our followers after this rollback from the looks of it.

I guess you are right. At least they look into it, but it is so weird, a solution is very doubtful. I didn’t bother to write a ticket because right now I am playing on a private server and only kept my old bases for sentimental reasons. They’ve been like one year of work - and a lot of fun, it was kind of my “perfect build”. And now its in the past, time to move on. Perhaps I revive them (there’s a box with 35 dalinsias etc. lol), perhaps I give my treasures to others.
But it is interesting how this plays out, would be nice if they find a way.

Well, thank goodness it wasn’t just me. I also just lost all of mine (1502 PVE) around like 6-7 hours ago. I may have had the same issue as you, my login activity might have not counted or something. It will really suck if there is no solution for this and I assume there isn’t since it is only some of us. :frowning:

Same here Playstation pvec

Lost all thralls after rollback. But I think it’s to late for a second rollback. I think the solution would be that they deactivate the decay timers for rollback and let it turned off for two weeks.

Nobody at funcom thought about it?
I don’t know how the timers work but I think they are related to a timestamp and of course they reverted the refreshed timestamp with this rollback. In my opinion this is just bad work…

watch the event log if they was not killed i lost 20 thralls after rollback, they was killed by the arena champion exploit, where people are able to knock down the champion due to an glitch and bring her next to your base, then she will kill your thralls and the exploiter will loot the corpses dont matter if the thralls are inside the base, or not because mobs and thralls are ignoring walls. I heard the bug was fixed but the glitched itens the exploiters produced stills in the game so they stills have the hability to knock down the arena champion.

Servidor PVEC 1977 oficial não tem ADM

Official Server PvE LATAM 1976 (Hierofante#50785)

Same thing happened to me on LATAM 1976. I logged on September 1st and everything was fine. Then I logged on September 9th and all my thralls decayed! Only thralls with all their gear decayed; bases were ok.

Same happened to me on official PvEC 1036, followers gone on 6.9.23 with same message in event log, thralls decayed because no one logged in for long time, when my last login to game to reset timers was on 3.9.23. and they were still there

Same on 1513.

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