All tier 2 materials missing, and now my crafting stations

So, when I left earlier today I had several hundred iron ingots, an iron pike, 150 brick, 150 shaped wood, 30 spider webs, numerous other items. Chests were locked. Iron pike on character, but I go back tonight and all gone. Is that a known bug or can someone steal things from your person when you are offline? Can they loot locked chests without breaking them?

Okay, so I go back a few minutes ago and my Weapon and armor forges and Skinner are gone, but my Carpenter is still there. What’s going on? This is a full PvP server by the way with about 4 other players. They say it wasn’t them.

Is container ownership on? If not and your stations and chests are in the open someone probably took them despite claiming not to have done.

All the stuff says it’s owned by my character. I found a rat hole in the wall someone could squeeze through, so the missing stuff was likely taken from crafting structures and not the chests.

Ownership is on by default if you are not in a clan, I think. Right?

SOLO OFFLINE PS4 half my stuff disappeared including armour taken off my character, chests missing thralls vanished and structures gone. So i feel your pain, its incredibly annoying to say the least.

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