Alliance forging ps4

Could we get some way of officially forging alliances with other clans on ps4 empires never grew without alliances

Clans are alliances, each player is their own little tribe (with an army of Thralls).

Of course if all players in a clan live in a single area, then yeah that analogy falls a bit short.

Main problem is the low player counts, it just doesn’t make as much sense to have alliances on top of clans when you have a population cap of 40.

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It does I have a small clan of 4 people and are friends with 2 clans all with 4 or 5 players but we are at war with a clan called the Spartans we are trying to keep the server (pvp) a peaceful server we trade and things now the Spartans keep raiding us (not a problem as it’s PvP) but I would like to be able to join my allies in an assault on the Spartans but our thralls attack each other lol aswell it would be good to show others that we are allies to maybe deter them from raiding even if it’s just an option to choose to be friendly or to choose to declare war so others can see your clans status on the server

Yeah I see your point, but the clan size cap is there to prevent half the server being in the same clan, and allowing alliances would remove that limitation.

But actually I do support the idea of a few more gradations in the system, I wouldn’t mind joining a clan (or alliance) if it didn’t mean giving away all my buildings to them, but as it is I shy away from the whole system and just play solo.

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