Allow binding DROP to a different key

Would you please allow the DROP command to be mapped to something other than the space key? Multiple times I have noticed that when chatting, I sometimes type I before typing enter and the immediately by space which will immediately open my inventory and drop the first item in my inventory. I want to map this action to another much harder key to hit while chatting with friends accidentally.

In fact, I am betting a lot of posts about items decaying that were in player inventory are related to this:

I’m sure there are other similar posts.


Separating ‘Drop’ and ‘Take All’ would also be useful - take all only seems to work intermittently, sometimes switching off as you move down a line of chests looting each of them, other times working, then not working again. So the result ends up being that you get used to hitting space bar to take everything from a chest and then suddenly it stops working and dumps the first item of your inventory instead (one of the reasons I keep my torch in that slot…). Sometimes this isn’t a big deal, but other times you can be in a hurry to grab and go and then suddenly have to mess around picking back up whatever you dropped or risk it despawning by the time the fight is over.

(Similarly, ‘Mount Horse’ and ‘Open Follower’s Inventory’ really could do with being able to be separately mapped - as many people have previously suggested.)


If I could map the keys, I think I would chose CTRL-D for DROP and CTRL-A for Take ALL.


I’m not against this. I’ve avoided using Take All hotkey ever since I dropped some rare item out of the blue.


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