Allow chests a much longer decay time, when placed down away from structures

In Conan, your only hope of becoming powerful is to hope that the Alpha does not hit you while you are building up.

In ARK, and Atlas, a good tactic is to hide some stuff in chests, away from your base, in areas that are hard to get to, and where there is no reason to go there.

In this game, this is impossible, because you can never log off, and in fact, would have to stay near the chest because it only has a 1 hour decay timer. This completely eliminates the one defense you have against being wiped by an enemy of vastly superior strength. You have no chance to mitigate the wipe they impose on you. You can’t hide extra crafting thralls, and or rare resources. A wipe in Conan is simply going to be a total wipe.

This is even more exacerbated because unlike ARK/Atlas, we don’t get a warning that anything is even being attacked. You get hit while you are doing a dungeon…you are likely to come back to a demolished base.

Atlas, I liked that you got a death/destruction message in red letters at the top of the screen. Big bold red letters.

ARK, I liked that you had this, but also that there were watch dog Dinos that alerted you of nearby enemies.

At least allow us to hide some stuff in an out of the way area. And create a cool down timer. Maybe make it harder for Alphas to hit everybody in the server, keeping them all very weak. Make them be choosy about who they attack, and after that attack, they now have a cool down preventing them from attacking anybody else, for a while. They could not destroy enemy structures, unless that structure is very close to their main bases…in other words, a structure built to attack their base.

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