Allow Kicking While Holding A Bow

I was certain I’d find this already having been discussed, perhaps even exhaustively. But alas, I did not.

We all know that bow use is far from perfect at the moment and that the developers are going to “look at” archery after launch.

Perhaps in the meantime, the developers could give a temporary boon to bow users by allowing us to kick with the block mechanic such as with bare fists and other weapons in lieu of some possible future special attack or defense (like the dagger back flip)?

I must assume it’s by design that we cannot kick while holding a bow, but I’ve no idea the reasoning behind it other than someone considering it yet another thing to make bow users OP.

As stated, I am making this suggestion as a possible temporary and tiny band aid to archery as a whole and to throw a little bone to dedicated bow users. I know I wouldn’t mind being able to stomp on a croc’s face or kick a spider right in the sac before dodging and attempting to get off another weak shot.


Kicking as a light emergency attack makes sense to me. Of course a stab with arrow attack would be cooler but much more work.

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Awww man you changed the title! I was gonna combat roll in here and say PROPS but it’s gone!

Yeah. I did like the original title even though it began as simply “Bow Kick” until prompted for fifteen characters.

I changed it in lieu of adding a TL;DR into the body after I began feeling compelled to cater to the lowest common denominator.

I may change it back later and am adding it here for posterity and since I’ve forgotten it twice!

Bow Kick. A Boon. A Thrown Bone.

And always remember to look both ways before combat rolling across the Broken Highway. For Safety’s Sake.

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I’m a wordsmith, right? That combo of words is electric. Gotta call it when I see it.

Also I’m like Matthew Quigley when it comes to bow. I only said I never had a use for one. :smiley:

(If kick or handspring variant is brought in this will actually make bow viable for me.)

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Hah! You gotta love the Quig for that.

And Devs!

Barnes Bringin’ (out)Back Born Banter 'Bout Beloved Bows Better Be Beheld!

I mean seriously, there’s your sidearm (six shooter) reference though I rather my bow be the Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range.

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yes please! kicking while holding bow is another no brainer they should implement

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