Allowing others access to your chests, crates, tables

Im sure this has been brought yp befpre but I’m new to the forums and have not seen anything on it.

That being said we should have a setting in all modes to allow people to look at a chest. Crate, or just allow people not part of your clan to use stuff or get stuff. I played solo for a long time because I didnt understand clan mechanics and it would have been nice to have a noob help spot set up.


Just unlock the chest or the bench?

Unfortunately that’s only possible on servers with a PvP ruleset. In the PvE ruleset, no one can open or look into another’s objects if they are not in the same clan.

The request to have the option to be able to make a container that is accessible to everyone on PvE has been a frequent request. It would make leaving items for people so much easier.

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If we could have the often asked for ability to make alliances these things could be set up in an alliance configuration.
Level 1 - not getting attacked by each others thralls
Level 2 - entering each others buildings
Level 3 - using each others crafting benches
Level 4 - access to alliance marked chests and other alliance marked containers.

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There also needs to be an option to lock certain doors/chests so only Officers and Clan leader can use them. Keep new clan members out of certain areas (i.e. the Lord of the Castle should be able to keep peasants out of his chambers…)

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