All've gone (Truly upset)

I’m truly upset. I spent a lot of time and energy to build my base and I had to travel for work for two weeks and when I arrived I saw that all wasn’t there. I didn’t abandon my base; I just leave a little for work. I lost my armor, weapons, my silver, my steel (I’d just used this metal before the trip), my thralls, all was gone! How awful is that? The progression is so slow and two weeks without gaming, all is gone. I really cann’t believe that. My suggestion is that those don’t happen. :sob::upside_down_face:

I’m going to Geogia on December spending a month and now I don’t know if it’s worth building all again.

Yep. Unfortunately the decay timer in this game is 144 hours/6 days. If you’re gone longer than that, everything you’ve built ends up disappearing.

Except usually your crafting stations and thralls stay forever.

The server I’m on, at the south beach, is littered with decayed crafting stations and thralls 30 feet in the air.

To avoid this, you’d need to join a clan and have a clanmate go into your house every 5th day to keep refreshing your decay timer.

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I saw there is a safe box to build, but I don’t get to high level to do it yet. Do you know if the safe box disappear too? Unless to save my precious stuffs.

Yes the vault decays also after 144 hrs of you not logging on and going close to it, as does almost everything.

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This is a problem; anything is not safe after 6 days. This is a not good thing. I understand the high buildings for who’ve stopped playing it, but maybe a little safe box for us rebuilding again if we have to leave for only 6 days, that is not a long time.

For me, this is a good suggestion. We can build a little safe box (without a decay time) to rebuild. I’m naked on the jungle, now I don’t know how to start and it worth.
I really join spending time build, but rebuilding without reason is sad. I rather another player destroyed it.