Almost 2 months without news game losing players again

It’s been 2 months since the game has released any news, this is terrible the game has gained a new breath, a new “chance” to grow, don’t miss the opportunity, they won’t have many new chances to bring players back to the game.

There is no need to launch only “big” things, the team should have an organization to launch “small” things constantly, thus keeping players active and interested in the game, especially when the decay is 7 days.
People who lose their base in Conan abandon the game, it is different from other games that they return when they have a DLC or update and everything is there as he left it.
In the Conan format you have to keep people IN THE GAME in a fixed way and we want new and different things to do always, even if it’s small, a new NPC, a new animal … it doesn’t have to be an entire cave.
Funcom misses the opportunity to add more “life and fulfillment” to the huge empty map that already exists in these small updates.


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