Aloe potion healing being canceled by dot damage

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Aloe potion healing animation is cancelled by dot.

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1.Get any kind of dot damage be it bleed or poison.
2.Try to use aloe healing potion.
3.See animation being canceled and healing effect not applied.


I believe that’s working as intended, bleeds can be stopped by wraps or spiced slivers and poison with antidote. Afterwards, you should be able to heal.

Can you confirm that they are working actually? They were “fixed” to not remove bleeds looong time ago so a bit surprised to read your comment.

Spiced slivers don’t work and their bleed removal effect was just a bug a long long time ago.
Quite funny that person suggests using old bug to get rid of new bug…anyway.
Personally I see this as a bug and wait for Funcom to fix it or at least give us an answer on dev stream.

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