Aloe pots & wraps not working

Anyone else have aloe pots & wraps randomly NOT working?

Only bug I’ve had with them - they were taken out of my item bar and placed in my inventory when I drowned. After I retrieved my items, I was unable to put them back while swimming - got some text gibberish like “item can not be moved”. I immediately assumed those bugged out and will sit in my inventory forever, but after I got on shore everything was fine.

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There are items you cannot even move to the hotbar while you’re in certain states, such as swimming, climbing, or riding.

I never really understood why they did it that way. I can understand why you’re not allowed to use them, but moving them to the hotbar should have been allowed.

I had this bug yesterday, I think it also has something to do with mounts and not being able to use it move the potions while mounted. The bug prevented me from using them even after I got off but getting back in my horse and off again fixed it for me and I was able to move potions back to my hotbar and use them.

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