Aloe, Rhino & Jaguar Bug

Aloe: The aloe thats located along the section of river starting from “the hand” and heading towards the east, is under ground. It only has the tips showing. Also same section when harvesting, it only takes one action to harvest instead of two on all others. This has been like this for about a year now. Would love to see this fixed.

Rhinos: When attacking rhinos, I always end up inside them. I can’t see what I’m doing, can’t see the rhinos or my own health bar etc. I just keep hitting it until it dies, hoping I don’t get killed first. Also when rhinos die, can they not just slump to the ground like other animals. Do they really have to fly high up into the air and sail along the sky with you running after it. The boss rocknose at fingerfang also likes to fly.

Jaguars: They are not dropping heads. I killed 20+ trying to get one. No luck.

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already using the axe for head harvesting?

If he meant spotted leopards not dropping heads, then yeah, it’s broken.

I got one head a few hours ago! :S

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