Aloe Soups Don't Heal Health Anymore

Is this Siptah Bug? Or an oversight? But i’m notced it’s not healing anymore.

Intended. No food heals anymore. Potions, bandages, or healing arrows.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. What they do is grant a buff, and the buff provides a very slow healing effect. The buff is the same regardless of what food you eat, which is kind of a problem because there aren’t that many foods that have anything else going for them. Why bother going through the trouble of making one of the advanced, full meals when you get the exact same benefit from eating raw shredded dog meat? (or cooked if you don’t have the first survival perk.)

That’s also not quite accurate. Higher quality foods provide a longer sated buff, assuming it’s not lost from damage. Exotic roasts are still among the best other than the religious feasts.

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