Alright the blood is filled up! Where is the 3.0 update or whatever is gonna happen!

Is it gonna be announced on the 8th lol? Also, is this seriously going to be a testlive update… not all of us want to download that…

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Was hoping for news today but it looks like it might be Wednesday or this weekend. Wednesday would be continuing the 2 day gap between the images but the end of this week and this weekend is a bunch of gaming shows and stuff so they might announce it during one of the shows, though I haven’t seen Funcom or Conan on a list for any of them yet where lists are available, so we’ll see.

Technically as well the sigil image isn’t filled yet. There’s still gaps in the bottom and the bottom symbol is glowing which means it hasn’t “set” yet like the others. Each symbol before glowed and then the next image was just blood with no glow so the final image will probably be the last if there is one. Either with none of the symbols glowing or all of them glowing and we’ll probably get another detail or news, hopefully.


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