Alt login-theft + suggested fix

Hello, I am very sad and this is my story…

I rolled on 1800 official server and worked hard building a fantastic base, fully enclosed, many many doors thick, etc etc. Then one day, every item was gone, just straight up gone. No damage to anything but every crafting station and any chest left unlocked was totally emptied out. At first I thought it must be some serious cheater but I wanted to further confirm that so I asked other players to come check my base out. As I asked around and mentioned the name shown in the logs then others who had played on the server for a while knew what happened. So I learned that a large clan keeps tons of characters logged off in all of the best base spots for the exact purpose of logging in and body vaulting peoples items from within their base. I’m told that this has been happening to new players who join the server and build in these spots for months. The cherry on top is that the clan doing this login-theft doesn’t even play on this server, they just login to troll.

Lockable crafting stations would put a bandaid on this… but a better longer lasting solution would be a mechanic where if you logged in on another player’s land claim then you get teleported to your bed/bedroll/desert or at least teleported out of the land claim (actually, just outside the landclaim is the best option if it’s doable, otherwise getting dc’d in a raid would be a bigger pain).

I hope this reaches the right ears because it’s pretty game breaking and could get much worse overtime if it picks up popularity with trolls.

For me, I really don’t know if I can keep playing. There is no other server with low ping and decent population for me… and it’s just depressing. Even if someone wipes 90% of your base with a god you still have your spot, so you can rebuild and most importantly you can work towards getting revenge. Having an enemy who doesn’t even play the game, who only logs in to troll, and who is logged off in the heart of your base? There is no recourse to that, not a damn thing I can do against it.

The tl;dr:
Currently, players are able to login while inside another player’s base. This allows them to bypass blowing any doors, grab their enemy’s stuff, then just log out with everything. A good fix would be to have any player trying to log in on another player’s land claim get teleported out before they can cause unfair mischief.


do devs ever read here?

ima keep bumping because this is an important issue

Can you confirm what happened? that’s a pvp server, so… are you sure they spawned from the inside?

Yes, the hard evidence came a few days later when they blew their way out from the inside. Event log confirms.

edit: so logically speaking, if they had glitched in or i had a flaw in my base design then why take the time to blow through my 40 odd layers of fence foundation to get out… 8)

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This is serious. Making a decent base must be rewarded by the game mechanics, its a main topic of the game. And if people can break that mechanism by trolling, thats serious.

On top of the teleport back to your base solution, how about also considering an inactivity timer to get rid of ghost players?

What i dont understand is, couldnt you loot that person who is in your base and then bring all that stuff elsewhere? Wouldnt that be a revenge in itself? And how do they get materials to break out?
How do they get out with empty inventory in a small stone cell?


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Unfortunately, the bodies of logged out players often don’t appear in the world (there may be a setting related to it) - which as I understand it is also how this bit of griefing is able to be achieved in the first place - they leave the unconscious alt character in a suitable spot. Someone else then comes along, doesn’t see them and, in effect, builds the base around them, leaving them within the defenses…


They still need to have access to chests of explosives or weapons or some purposely inside their inventory, though?

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Indeed - but if this was their plan all along, they presumably would leave the alt character lying there with enough explosives to get out of whatever base they find themselves in (or, if pure trolling, they don’t even need to bother, they can just steal all the stuff from the base and logout and not go back to that alt character at any point - for the victim it has the same effect). The problem is, since they don’t appear in the world unless they log in as that character, there is no unconscious body to loot - so they can’t be stripped of their explosives (or re-looted to return the stolen stuff) - unless the victim happens to be there when the griefer logs in with that character to try it.

This (and similar exploitative behaviour with alt characters) is why Funcom changed the rules for family share accounts recently - to prevent griefers and the like from using more than one character on an official server. (Not sure if that’s taken effect yet or not, since I don’t use family share…)

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So, I don’t really know what they did with my loot, it’s possible they just dropped it on the ground and it expired since this happened in the middle of the night when building damage wasn’t even on and i was sleeping like a dumb baby who thought they had survived another day of raiding hours. When i logged in after and see everything gone, check the logs and see someone took it, then i started checking for damage and found none, then i went over my base with a fine toothed comb looking for any explanation at all… but i found nothing, no hole in my base, no damaged blocks, no corpses, no loot bags, etc. A few days later a different character from the same clan blew their way out and they clearly started from inside because the hatches had only been used on the inner most part and they were time stamped before the doors.

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