ALT TAB make the game freeze when loading

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash | Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

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1.Start Conan exiles from steam
2.Choose official server and connect
3.When you got the game loading screen press ALT TAB
4.Game freezes

When the game is fully loaded it works fine pressing ALT TAB

This is normal for me, as a single player on my own PC. CE is busy, but the application switched to is fully functional.

Is that the case?

Only conan game crashes, nothing else, pc is fine

Fixi, that is the same as mine, but I expected that behaviour. Respectfully, how is that a bug?

I am able to perform other tasks while CE loads and that is the only reason I alt-tab while loading. At least for me, there is no down-side.

Game should not crash when ALT TAB at any time

Maybe I misunderstood your first post. Is the game crashing, or just delayed in opening?

By crashing, I mean it fails to work at all and you have to restart the client from Windows.

The last sentence is what is throwing me off …

Try this if using an AMD

I get the same issue as the OP.
I can use ALT-TAB whilst the game engine is loading up with no issues.
But when I am loading from the server list into the online official pve server of choice AND press ALT-TAB keys then the Conan Exiles client goes to a black screen, becomes unresponsive and never loads. I have to go to the task manager to close the client and restart the game again.
I’m not sure if this happens when I try to log into a single player game.

Once my character has loaded into the server then I can use ALT-TAB to go to desktop or other programs without any game crashes or lock-ups.

Honestly, I don’t know if they can fix this one. It might be that the process of loading the character to server gets priorities in a way that conflicts with alt-tab. Or it could do with our hardware set ups. So I’ve learnt to not alt-tab during the load to server (click - removes hands from keyboard and sits on them until loading complete - mutters to self “do not alt-tab, don’t just don’t, not yet”)


Exactly what i mean and i dont think this was an issue before last patch or maybe one of the latest patches

I dont use AMD, i use intel cpu and nvidia gtx 970 sli gpu

I didn’t read your description carefully enough. Alt tabbing during a load screen is often a no no across hundreds of games. It happens to me as well, but I don’t see it as much of an issue.

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Maybe simply your pc is overbusy while loading, and then you ALT Tab. You say it’s working later.
Most games aren’t otimised for sli anyay, so no gain here, and 970 is minimal right now.

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Totally agree with this.
While loading all that stuff if you join a server it is allways a bad idea to alt tabbing and doing some multitasking windows feature. It is often happened to me too when working at the wiki, forum or something on different Screens. Allways and not since the last patches.

So like Kwalya, at the loading process i take some break or make some coffee or whatever and have learned to not tabbing out or the game freezes completely. But I don’t see it as a problem either, but rather as a measure for me as an impatient player to calm down a bit. :wink: So everything can takes its time.


Dont think so, remember i got 2x970

i am a multitasker, so i hear music or watching twitch while loading a game, so as a developer i in 2019 i would rather say to the customer that everything is possible and we will look into it in a future patch, thank you :sunglasses:

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