Altar breaking after upgrading. Reimbursement for lost resources?

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Problem: [Altar breaking after upgrading
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[Upgraded 2 of my Set Altars to tier 3 and both of them broke with only loot bags left. Is there a reason why this happens? And also is there a way to be reimbursed for lost items? Don’t mean to complain but upgrading altars are time consuming and hate to see all the resources go to waste.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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The Set alter shifts where it is placed when it upgrades from level 2 to 3. It moves forward by approximately one foundation block. But you get no indicator that it needs to have this space in front of it when you place the first alter.
Others have reported that it fails to place and leaves a loot bag as you have described if there is not enough room for the level 3 to spawn in its “new” location.
(I have seen one report of an alter being upgraded whilst their was an unconscious player on it resulting in the upgrade alter not being placed but in the alter inventory.)

If playing on an official server, then no you will not get any compensation. If playing on a private server then it would be up to your Admins if they will help you out with replacement resources.

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That would make sense then because it was a little close to other structures we have. Thank you for your response!


I can confirm now that it’s some kind of bug. Tried it again and gave it more than enough room to craft ( in the middle of open desert) and still ended up doing the same thing. :confused: lol

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