Alteast let players loot a non Bazaar illusioned item on pvp servers

Well im not against premium items (for chosen) which cannon be picked by others, but not the loot\gear\mounts -this is gamechanger and bad one

If funcom want some of this…they can sell i dunno, unique decorations and placeables of epic quality for 5 usd each, we don’t care
so people still can felt SPECIAL owning them, but this doesn’t not affect any gameplay

They can sell giant gold glowing statue of each god (decoration item with basic hp)
Interactive magical cage with unseen creatures… damn, countless possibilities to make the buck and not breaking the game balance and immersion

but any items not connected with new build system must be accessible for every1

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Haha, don’t give them ideas :smiley:


Agreed, I would like this game to remain to have any pvp population especially on official servers.

We already have this blow against them and make no mistake there is more than grumbling about it . I have only found one person in the tons of players I play with and none of my friends I play with are happy about this development in mechanics and function it so far. Quite a few players I’ve played with have not logged back on to this game since they found out about this function change convinced that it is permanent.

I hope this is reversed or corrected whatever the case may be and has far reaching negative impacts on pvp.

Painful idea.

100% Agree with you . Let us share, but have the dlc to repair as they had always done it. That was fair and still making it lootable was fair . I buy dlcs, but these new ones make feel dirty using them knowing that they carry a purchase advantage with them in pvp. I wish I knew that before and regret as do many of my friends purchasing pvp advantage. Just feels wrong right now as it stands.


I’m playing another Survival game where you can steal Danny Trejo’s machete all day. Even if you didn’t pay to win to own his skin plus massive advantages. This is very much a flip-flop from normalcy.


So much truth here it is hard to add to it. Many already from other present threads my feelings on the prices and the purchasable pvp advantages available from the Bazaar. Give us more deco for a reasonable price and the need to make purchasable advantage will not be needed for your profit margin(s).

We players have always liked our shiny, spikey, and flashy things to spruce up our bases and outposts even on pvp servers so there will be no shortage of buyers for those things in this game providing , of course, that they priced correctly and are available (down with slimy FOMO) when we have the cash to purchase them.

Patients please Funcom at least allow us the span of time required to gather the funds for the goods and pretties you are creating (remove FOMO). Do this and you get your money rest assured.

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I shared things before I was ever rewarded by Funcom, I bought DLC and gave people things and they ended up typically buying the DLC themselves. This is a whole departure from “community” multiplayer. Perfectly valid, just a sad end to an era.

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So just a bunch of lone wolves fighting for themselves and caring for nobody but themselves. Boring to me at least. I know this is a bit off topic just want to offer my opinion. I would agree on some level about the validity if they hadn’t built over years a steady group of players that would happily purchase all the dlc released even if they didn’t use most of it ( I’m guilty of this) just to keep the game running and more fun to come.

This purchase, however came with the ability to share your purchased items in a limited way (without the dlc you could not repair or craft the item(s) ) and many times this encouraged players to purchase dlc after getting to use the weapon or armor and liking it but, wanted to be able to repair it when their friends may be offline and/or unreachable to do it for them.

Many, many dlcs were purchased this way and it was genius as you got to in a sense preview the item and then you wanted it all the time so you purchase the recipe (dlc) for yourself and many times paid (pun not/intented) it forward to other clan mates later on. I don’t see that happening this go around.

This is one example of many and many more sure to come. I can’t believe finances have got this bad to go this far especially in the face of what has came before and the care that was taken.

This a keystone of the game.


Or alternatively when you saw the meanest thief on the whole server all of a sudden “acquire” a lot of totally sweet Aquilonian pieces. And then indulge in building for probably the first time ever.

The old way elicits good feelings.

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And more reasons to trade and actually speak to other players . I understand recipes being specific but not the final good except of course for repairs. Need to dlc holder to repair fine, but still being able to use the item till it breaks makes sense too. I have all the earlier dlcs and never once wanted all my stuff to be exclusive and protected.

And good feelings lead to people continuing the play and to tell the friends about the game and then try to get them to join in. This is all beneficial to the game’s health and with more people there would obviously be more purchases as past history of games has shown . Bad feelings on the other hand historically have shown the sharp and glaring opposite.


Page not found. " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." Was the message.

i asked an admin about the bazaar items this was the response!


Thank you for reaching out. It seems to be working as intended. Bazaar and Battle Pass items can’t be used by someone who doesn’t own them on their account.

Thank you for understanding. We hope you have a great week!

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Here is the rub though. The Bazaar item is a skin over another item. The skin is preventing the looting of a not Bazaar item .


i could understand not being able to repair an item from the bazaar that you don’t know haw to craft it would be like any other piece of gear you cant craft but just because i did not spend 5 buks and some one else did should not mean i cant pick up a sword and hit them with it


Exactly ! This turns a skin (illusion) into a protection/trade prevention spell on the item . This bad for pve and pvp.

I am not saying that the player has a right to the skin just the loot from their defeated opponent or in pve the player being able to trade with some one the basic item regardless of the skin upon it.

Remove the skin on trade if it is that big of deal.

They won’t, simply because it will remove the initiative to buy a skin/pack, etc.
Entire system is build around pushing you towards the purchase and we will see even more of this type of thing with each update.
They don’t care about PVP, or better said they don’t care about PVP as much as they care about possible profits.


I did suggest that the illusion could be broken (removed from the dropped item or on a corpse of a player on pick up by someone else). The skin remains exclusive to the purchaser that way.

Having the item simply unlootable or able to be picked up at all by a non purchaser of the item skin damages both pvp gameplay and pve gameplay.

It’s just my personal observation, but even pop up message looks like it tries to play on your feeling of self-worth by giving you “You are not worthy” to use the item.
Kudos to their new microtransaction expert, they did their job pretty well.

Hope the majority of the money they gonna milk out of this community will go into Dune’s development.


Yeah, the “Entitled” language is troublesome alone for obvious reasons. I don’t see this doing anything, but backfiring by turning players away.


Well I guess having the ability to have non-lootable gear is one incentive for people to spend $ in the bazaar… lol

I wonder if they thought thru that or not. I like the idea of being able to at least take the non-illusioned equivalent or barring that just have the item “disappear” if the person looting it does not own it.

Having items that cannot be looted in a PVP server seems unfair (no risk of loss).


@Octavian was hoping this was a mistake as well, but the above says it all. Heartbreaking.

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