Alternatives of Summoning Avatars: Forces of Nature

This idea as came to me is inspired from some strategy-genre PC games I played in the past which allow you to smite enemies with powerful gods’ wrath abilities.

Instead of sacrificing T3/T4 priests from temples to acquire avatar summoning tokens, players alternatively can now sacrifice them in exchange for natural or non-natural disaster causing tokens. These tokens, of course then can be applied to an enemy base or such.

Here are certain example abilities for currently I can think of:

  1. Mitra’s Thundering Justice: Once the token is used and targeted in an area, dark clouds and rain will be formed, before damaging the area with random lighting bolts form the sky.

  2. Set’s Wrathful Jealousy: Area as targeted by this token will be having poisonous snakes spawning constantly, until the timer is up.

3)Yog’s Hunger for Flesh: Summons a huge cloud of sorcerous and health-sapping gas over the targeted area. Any human killed by the gas will return as a hostile undead.

  1. Jhebbal Sag’s Wild Instincts: Thrall animals in the summoned area will be totally aggressive, attacking friends and foes alike.

  2. True Winter of Ymir: All units in the afflicted area will suffer hypothermia effect, in furthermore of 15% slowing down of movement, harvesting and attack speed.

  3. Lustful Singing of Derketo: Units in the afflicted area will suffer 2 or more afflictions such as bleeding, sundered, etc.

I think this gives a better alternative especially for certain PVP players who do not prefer having avatars to crush their hard-built bases but still prefer to have the gods to have a touch on Exiled Lands.

Cheers. :wink:

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