Always Log In With 200 Health

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP and PVE
Region: America

Every time I log in, my character just has 200 health(the default max health) although she has max health when I logged out. This is most annoying because it gets all those blood shatter effects around my screen which blocks view.

1.have >200 health and log out
2.log in reset to 200 (the base health value)


I have this " Bug " sometimes when i Login, in one of our Bigger Buildings. After an Relog is all Fine. But it’s never happend in a Smale Outpost :grinning:

I think it’s a Smale Loading Error in the graphic Card


Happens to me everytime, the blood splatter around the screen edge doesnt go away after regen’ing either. Have to relog. GTX 1070 ti.

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This has started to happen to me as well very recently. New bug?

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Is not a graphical bug, nor related to your VGA, Xbox and PS4 both suffer from this as well.
It is just a game glitch, like the heavy breathing loop, very annoying, I agree.
Hopefully will be fixed…one day.

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