Always something on officials

I know a lot of people are complaining about the bans. But then you run into issues like I’m having on an official server. We know official servers are having a hard time on PlayStation. You can see it yourself. The population is very low on 95% of the servers but I end up getting a clan of Portuguese that comes on builds up and then just starts land spamming stuff around people’s bases. They enjoy ruining the game. Absolutely nothing to benefit from putting long lines of black ice foundations around my base. And I’ve been stuck like this for over a week. I won’t repair because I can’t fix the exterior walls because of the overlap buggieness so I’m just on hold loading in every couple days refreshing what’s left of my bases. I have 6,000 hours in this game and the majority of leftover people playing seem to only want to ruin the game on officials. So be nice to the banhammer people. They’re trying because of stuff like this. If not, eventually no one’s going to stay around the play the game.


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