Always the same level of NPCs spawning!

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

I wanted to catch a level 3 Cimmerian armourer up north, but every time I went there I only found level 1 NCPs sometimes a few level 2s. I have waited for them to respawn but every time just level 1 and 2. Wasted a lot of gaming time with this! So basically level 3 and 4 NPCs are not spawinig! The only level 3 I found there was a tanner and a few fighters. The same problem in New Asgard with armourers, smelters! The levels of NPCs spawning was random, but it is not working for a while! Always just level 1s!

I got a tier 3 armorer from New Asagard, but the vast majority were 1s and 2s.
It took a long time for a 3 to spawn. I was hoping to get a guy that could make flawless Vanir armor but settled for exceptional from the T3 because I got bored of trying to get a better armorer.