Am i a lootbag and how can i decay?


official 1111…

i logged out at my little house on snow, after like 1 hour, logged back in i saw that all my stuff on me is gone… SS is here. how can my sleeping logged out body treated as a loot bag? whats happening again after a new patch…


Probably you died (there’s a few bugs with logging out in extreme condition areas) and the event log stuff is your corpse “despawning” and the items on it disappearing.

Just guessing though.


yes i think so, but loosing stuff because of bugs is irritating…
they shall first respond, than maybe they should work on correcting the bugs before spending time for a haloween event… i still see new videos about infinite stamina glitch, jump glitch and if it isnt fixed there are underground bases both at volcano and sothwest of black galleon or smth…


Oh very much so! It does rankle that this kind of thing persists… it’s not a new one, either!


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