Am I bad lucky or is this normal?

I captured 8 RHTS Archers and NONE of them has more than 50% accuracy … WTF !!!
What’s wrong with those guys !

I had trained 10 RHTS archer, they average out at 32%. Their ranged damage modifier is 2.52 which is one of the highest I see.

That does sound unfortunate, but conside three things:

  • RHTS already have great stats. The 50% only refers to the growth chance. That is not thaaaat important if you already start with a good base value.
  • The total of growth chance is always the same. So, if these RHTS have low accuracy growth chance, they should excel in others.
  • The main effect on damage is not a thrall strength or accuracy stat, but their hidden melee/ranged damage multiplier. And that doesn’t change with level, stats or growth chances.

Now, add all three factors together, and… well, the low accuracy growth might actually be a good thing. Even agility can be worthwile, as it can add quite a lot of armor. But accuracy? Well, if a thrall does 230 or 235 damage can make a vital difference every once in a while, but if he/she has 5000 HP or 10000 HP or 50% or 80% damage mitigation, that most definately will make a difference.


Well, accuracy is way better than strenght at Ranged Bonus, even tho I know Hidden Base Modifiers are the things to look.

But considering archers are to be placed on walls, away from battle, I’d like them to have good accuracy too, rather than Vit.

But this game keeps kicking me in the face !!!
Now I’m at 10 of those f**kers and the best they have is 55% accuracy …

You mean the stat growth percentage or the range damage bonus percentage?

Accuracy has a way better range damage bonus percentage then Strength with melee.
45 Strength → 15% melee bonus
45 Accuracy → 40% ranged bonus

That’s why I’d like my RHTS Archers have better growth chances, but they never come out with more than 55%.

PS: sorry, english is not my first language, so it’s hard for me to ask questions correctly.

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