Am I immune to The Purge?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Americas

My purge bar is completely full, and for about 2 weeks now the purge won’t touch me. I never get a warning that the purge is going to attack. However, my event log is filled with entries “A purge has started” followed by “A purge has ended” exactly 3 minutes later. Multiple times within the purge window.

Anyone know what’s up with that?

It tries to spawn in, but cant. Crashes everytime.

Is it a messy server, with builds everywhere?

Why yes it is. Does that mess up the purge then?

Still, everyone else on the server is getting purged. Just not me. And it’s not like I only have one base, surrounded by clutter.

I had that all the time when I lived in g8 area, alltho I had some purges. But yes that can mess up the purge. after we cleaned up the server, it got better.

Summer, can u plz share a screenshot of ur base and the location on map?

Hi @Summer, could you please state which server you’re currently playing on?

Did the issue only start occurring after the mounts update?


WE ARE having hte same issue now @Hugo

summer and i are in the same server , different clans …

server (summer and us are ) is official #1930

Hi Hugo,

Like Palm said, we’re on Server # 1930

It does seem to coincide with the mounts update. That update was only a few weeks ago, wasn’t it?

Maybe related, maybe not, but on #1930 when the purge window hits (6-10 PM pst) the server lags out, ping shoots to over 1000, and nobody can do anything. Some of us are wondering if it’s related to the purge itself trying to process how to start, and it’s overloading the server.
Just a theory. I could be totally wrong.

One thing I never saw before. I attended somebody else’s purge. The purge was spawning on top of his neighbor’s roof, and then attacking his base from there.
To say it again, the purge was spawning on the roof of somebody who was not being purged.
And yes, it tore up his base. :smiley:

Here’s a screamshot of my house. It’s at grid F4 on the map.


what I can confirm from my private server is, that if you have players, building within sight of your base… it gets wonky with the purge spawn…
I usually joke around when players ask me how close to build to the neightbors…while being more than half serious… a good full range of land in vanilla landclaim as distance needs to remain free after your furthest outside placed building piece that’s capable of claiming land…cause the purge uses that much of space to spawn and do the pathing to your builds…
if you build on islands and mountains without decent coverage of the original map floor, then all bets are off though as the chance for In-Base Spawn Purges are close to 99%.

Since the Mount update though, the purge seems to have issues to determine WHAT is mapfloor, mountain or build on water/island and just spawns on the first thing they can touch…even if that means under water or under the mesh or inside a mountain or right on top of your roof even if the base sits on a flat spot of land with tons of space around for pathing…
it is pretty broken at the moment :confused:

From the look of your event log? yeah… the purge spawned under the mesh, got no footing , fell into nothingness , ended and restarted since you were probably the most active player at that time with a full purge meter…

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the server is pretty active. he is not alone, we are getting multiple purge attempts as well , and not getting purged, another “coincidence” since the last (UNTESTED or poorly tested as usual) mount update.

server starts to lag 2fps (server side) and 1020 ping, (could be more but the showdebughud only tops at 1020 ping) about 15 to 20 minutes before the purge window opens up. it stays unplayable for 15 minutes or 20 then when player counts go down , the server gets better for 10 miunutes or so, then it lags out again, this happens during night time. another coincidence that came with the mount update.

this update has only brought issues for us… we never had those issues before.

for one we got old weak purges and new massive(fun) ones. animal purges bring no rewards in terms of T4s, its all like half baked again, it feels i am in Early access all over again, and the worst, Funcom decides to launch a big update very close to their holiday break, meaning the mess will continue for who knows how many weeks until it starts getting resolved. again very poorly though by funcom.

the leveling system is a complete mess , (check starting stats for archers with 30 points into strenght) or the fact that purge fighters does less damage than regular world spawns from the same faction) i mean common!!! funcom you just brought a bag of crap with this update,. only comparable with that famous mother of all patches … (yes this bad)./


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Purges should be deactivated now as people use it as an exploit on our server, NOT a pvp server. But yeah that they spawn everywhere is just silly. Mind you people have spent hundreds if not thousand of hours to bake thralls and purges spawn on your roof, inside your storage is just wrong. Also we have a base that the player, owner stopped playing one year ago, his base is still there cause people keeps resetting it.

just to let everyone knows, purges has apparently stopped working on server 1930.

clan solstice over 2 weeks with bar full,
clan no owner 6 days without purges despite having the bar full.


we are also experiencing 1020 pings , and 3 fps (server side) … and complete radio silence from funcom…

this is not how it is supposed to be or is it the new 2020 support standards ?

thank you.

server with issues is official 1930

Hey @Summer

Thanks for the report. We’re aware of some inconsistencies with the Purge mechanism and we’re looking into it. We’ll use @Daenaira’s insight to help QA narrow down possible causes for this situation.
We could also do without the passive-aggressive tone of some of the messages in this thread as well. :slight_smile:


with all due respect, we could “also do with some more responsiveness” in a timely matter @Ignasis , that will certainly reduce stress. ignoring peoples report , creates frustration . thank you!.

EDIT: purge bar started increasing after server restart. (disregard the part of the purge bar not increasing) however keep in mind that if you re do a clan, the purge bar will not increase until server restart (happening over officials)

also there is no mention anywhere if you guys are going to look with gportal about the lag issues we are having…

1020 ping with 2 FPS issue. i would advice to have gportal to look into whats going on, and to have them fix it.

thank you again.

Yes, things have been chaotic in 1930. The server 2 FPS during Purge time is a constant these days. Yesterday I got Purged and the lag/2 FPS problem started right at the same moment my Purge should have started.

We had to nicely ask people who were not being Purged to leave the server for a bit, dont know if that helped, but 10 - 15 minutes after my Purge was supposed to start the server got back to normal, lag disappeared and the Purge happened without other issues.

But its happening every single night, its almost suicide try to venture outside on Purge time, the server is unstable and can drop to 2 FPS in a eye blink without a warning.

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