Am I in accordance with server rules?

Long story short, our clan built in the tradeway after making sure it was empty, we made sure we weren’t blocking any content, and made sure that there was a clear and efficient route around the tradeway. We had this up for over a month with no issues. One day another player who is usually just on to refresh the decay timer proceeds to call us clowns and accuse us of aggressive building. He then proceeded to say he’s going to report us. Were any rules broken? If I’m in the wrong I’ll rectify it, but if I’m not in the wrong I don’t want to bend over for a player that was aggressive and didn’t talk to us about it before going off. I’ve had the tradeway as part of my base for over a month with no issues until this guy so I’d like to get other thoughts on this. Many thanks!!!

Ye u cant block named locations since Its POI need to Get achivment, if u want build in named tunnels u must leave it opening and build a ceiling base or something, i have gotten so many people banned by reporting them for blocking named locations

Much appreciated!! I’ll open the gates and make an area on the ceiling that I can get to while still allowing access through the tunnel. I still think that player’s reaction was really rude and uncalled for, but in the end by me opening the gates players can run through and that player doesn’t get what they want so I can call that a win. My entire base consists of 3 tunnels, the tradeway is the only named one, but as luck would have it there’s a wide opening in the middle of the roof where I can use to access the upper levels :slight_smile:

Without photographic evidence it is hard to express an opinion either way. Upload a few pictures from differing angles and let us see what the fuss is about.

Gate won’t cut it. You have to have a design that allows free access…not just a gate that you choose when it’s access or not.