Am i missing something

so i was wondering if am missing something here so im not a new player but i got stuck around khitai
looking to get better gear and such but the way seems to be the faction vendors as we all know eventually you need items from dungeons like alot of them too but is there a better way

Yeah, the vendors do not sell all the set items. Shoulders, hands, belts and to a degree the pants (you can buy them but they cost as much as 2 items so to say) drop in dungeons.
The Dragons Spine vendors at the very first camp sells epic dungeon armor as well, shoulders and belts from the dragon spine armor sets, that are, in some cases, on par with T4 or even T5 gear.
Other than that there is the raid gear that either drops from the bosses themselves or can be bought with relics that you get in those raids (T3 and T4 relics can also aquired in the raid finder).

i know about the raids and all that im missing the currency to get the higher stuff from the faction vendors to be strong enough for raids i think i forgot what its called but i was unsure if thats even what im supposed to do to grind them trough hard dungeons

You need Mark of Acclaim and Rare Trophies to buy Khitai faction gear from vendors. Mark of Acclaim you can get a lot by doing quests in Khitai, Rare Trophies you get by doing HMs and dungeons in Dragon spine.

You can also convert Marks of Acclaim into Simple Trophies, even though it’s faster to do dungeons to get them.
For example, on a HoX you can get this set just by doing solo quests. Not the best armor set around, indeed, but it’s pretty decent as starter.

if you play solo alot, you can also get rare trophies by doing refuge of the apostate in kara korum, the forgotten city in gateway, isle of iron statues and dead mans hand (both in ardashir). all are solo dungeons and all drop rare trophies (on some you must select unchained solo). i recommend trying forgotten city first.


Interesting i might try that assuming I can actually survive the unchained versions but am I correct when I asked if thats the next step to grind the trophies or is the faction stuff just one way at that stage

dragonspine is after khitai though or am i wrong but i do know you get them from hm there too

First of all, get faction gear with MoA, then you can start farming rares.

However, don’t forget that in a single day you can get 10-12 rares max from solo instances, which means that it takes almost 20 days of farming just to get an armor piece.
To be honest, I would not recommend to get rares from solo instances only. Try to join groups, and do some solo instances when you have nothing else to do, otherwise it’s just too much of a grind.

sure i got a few of that my gear is mostly tamarin tiger pieces ( conq dps)
so i know about that well enough