Am I missing something?

I just started playing, and feel like I am missing some large component or stage of the game.

I will go into detail in the hopes that someone can assist with what I have missed.

I am level 13, my current resources are 123 scrap, 1 medkit, 26 gun upgrade parts
My characters are
Gaper level 2, [email protected]%, Broiler 50 mod (50% chance to burn enemies)
Stinger [email protected]
Gladiator Armor (Armor +2, HP+2)
Explorer Helm (immune to critical hits)
Abilities: Hogrush + Run and Gun

Crossbow Level 2, [email protected]%, Ancient eye (10% Critical Chance), Noatun - EMP 30 (+1 Crit damage, 20% chance to disable Robotic enemies)
Stinger [email protected]%
Aristo Hat (20% Critical Chance from higher ground)
Stalker Vest (1 armor 2 HP)
Abilities: Moth Wings, SkullSplitter

State Switcher (level 2) [email protected]%, Ancient sight (20% range), Mimir - Driver 30 (+2 crit damage, 30% chance for knockback
Ancient Piston [email protected]%
Snazzy Visor (+20% range)
Stalker Vest (1 armor 2 HP)
Tree Hugger (Half cover acts as full cover)
Super Tendons (Reach high places)

I have (To the best of my knowledge) completely cleared The fallen Angel, Hammon’s Cabin, cave of fear, Ark outskirts, East Outpost and the metal Bird. I am unable to beat the crowd on the high road near the cave of fear, nor am I able to sneak past or pick anyone off in the area of the sea of titans.

Essentially, through what inventory I have, there is no way to silently take out key targets such as the Shaman. Then, as soon as I leave stealth, the hunters will either 1 or 2 shot dux or Selma, or 3 shot Bormin. This is even after picking off all the mauraders lurking around.

It feels like I have either missed a major weapon drop, a major skill, or a major weapon upgrade. I am a very seasoned Xcom player (completing both multiple times on the top difficulty and with iron man mode on the second hardest level), so I do not believe that I am overwhelmingly tactically flawed. In my current state, it is mathematically impossible to kill key targets before stealth is broken, even if I hit 2x critical rolls with my two stealth weapons.

Is there a “game defining” item you must purchase from the shop, or a game defining secret stash with a critical item I have missed? Progress is currently stuck in my game, as I cant find a way to sneak past the cult in the sea of titans, nor can I gain XP from completing the encounter on the high road before the cave of fear.

If you’ve completely cleared Fallen Angel, you must have missed the treasure chest with your third silent weapon.

That area right before the tunnel with the shaman, medbot, one mob and a hunter on top of a bus or whatever i ended up skipping. It actually ended up being the only area that i skipped until later. With Sea of Titans you pick off the single mobs in the area. But its also possible to sneak past Brother and get on the boat and kill the single mobs on there too then go back to kill the Brother.

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The game defining item you’re looking for is the silent Mimir Needle Pistol from the Fallen Angel zone. Just after that zone the difficulty increases due to the fact that you now have three Stalkers each with a silent weapon. If you upgrade these each to +1 and one to +2 you’ll have the 16 damage you need. As for the Sect Brother, you can sneak onto the boat or pick off his goons depending on where he’s standing. You can also silently Hog Rush the Shaman on the High Road if you used up your weapon parts elsewhere.

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