Am I the only one who wants Old-School AO/RK content only?


i dont understand this hype for rubi-ka. there is not really that many things to do, yea some merc raid etc but those will get repetitive and boring very fast. Rk in general is a huge mess in new players eyes. most of the zones are just full of random dynabosses and nothing else. And leveling too is mostly rk missions and those are very dark and maze like. Shadowlands has actual zones for different leveled people + a lot of quests in each zone and static dungeons. I see it being more new player friendly. It sure is more like modern mmo feel experience. There will be new players too playing in new server not just veterans and those who used to play. Game will definitely die if they keep it to just rk.


Then you’ve missed the point. This won’t bring in “new” players. This is meant to pull back in old ones to reactivate their accounts. The game is too old and dated looking to bring in “new players”. Also, if that was their primary concern they would just have started a fresh server WITH all extra, ‘un-convoluted’ content. But… here they start the vanilla game (probably with Notum Wars). They want MY money (and everyone else that misses the game of old). Us that cancelled the game.

Also, the game is full of stuff to do. Missions are always “maze like” which is why there developed a way of doing them - by holding right wall. Missions were harder due to people pushing the boundraries of difficulty… and that kept it more fun than it seemed to be.

Being “New player friendly” isn’t going to pull back the old players. I can promise you that exceedingly few people below 25 will ever subscribe to AO as a new player TODAY. It was “notorious” for being difficult to understand, relative to peers in the MMO market.

Playing the game in its classic form shouldn’t FEEL modern. It should feel like it did. How you remembered it. It was A LOT to take in. Hell… while there were tools and sites to go to, back then to find the answers you seek, you practically had to know the question so well you were mere minutes away from figuring out the answer yourself.


i just see it in different way. this game is business for funcom and obviously their goal is to make as much money from it as possible. and ofc its best to try to attract new players instead of relying to those who have already abandoned it and now they come back and pay maybe 1 month


Pulling in new players is a highly unrealistic scenario. The best way would be to entice the old players to come back, of which whom there are many. The potential market for an MMO that’s 18 years old is just… slim. However, the amount of people that has played it and left at some point is huge. These are the ones they are better off targeting - and given that they make the classic game available makes it exceedingly obvious that the players of old ARE the ones they are targeting.

Those that abandoned it didn’t do so for no reason. Usually it’s because they felt the game went in the wrong direction. To me, the game went in the wrong direction dating back as early as Shadowlands. The game was dumbed down and made more streamlined. Also it killed Rubi-ka. No more wasteland beauty. I hated it. I played back then and I can tell you that I absolutely hated the transition. It went from gritty and dusty to a sort of etheral feeling.

Pushing a fresh server that holds only vanilla (with Notum Wars) is the best way of pleasing all. There is no option to play classic AO, but there is still an option to play the full release. Take the former away and you’ll be left with something that is practically just the same as opening a fresh server (which I honestly think they should do as well… even if I won’t play on it).


You’re proibably in the minority if you played Pre-SL AO. I admittedly joined after SL, but then again so did probably the majority of the playerbase, since 3/4 of AO’s lifespan has been post-AI.

Not saying either one is better or worse (I’m willing to give pre-SL AO a serious try), but I suspect I will enjoy it more when the expansions come out.


well wasnt there new player experience with 18.7 patch?. also i dont really understand if this game is like biggest love to you you still refer it like wasteland (lol). and dont forget that they put the game to steam. also. i honestly wish you good luck and hopefully your “pre-sl ao wasteland beauty” lasts longer than that famous 1 month resub then get bored after one week of playing.


I am 100% with Maijorpayne. Old RK content has That thing, that brings me back to the game from time to time. Im not saying expansions are bad, but funcom did it wrong way. They have split the whole player base from lvl1. If they’ve realesed SL as a content for players lvl 190+ that wouldn’t have such dramatic impact on RK.
I have played a bit in Shadowlands and as far as i remember it was mostly heckler farming.
Anyway that new server will not bring AO back alive, well not for long, because 80-90% of players who will subb for that already is playing the game. The good thing is that we are all gonna be packed in RK so it may look crowded again :slight_smile:
My wet dream about AO is a port to android and maybe other consoles (xone/ ps4) and cross-platforming all that to one server. I think that combat style of AO makes it perfect game for android.


Wasteland is opposed to lush. Deserts, shack towns, ghost towns. You also have a charming scenery in the likes of Borealis, 20k, Galway Shire. Calling something a “Wasteland” is not the same as calling it ugly. I think you’ve misunderstood the use of the word if you’ve only used it in such regard.

There’s far too many things that would keep me playing - not to mention I won’t have time to play as actively as I would wish. I’ll be needing multiple months getting through what I could do in a couple weeks way back when I could play 8-10 hours a day after school and practically all weekend. Still, that means my account will be active and paid for as long as I can log in and actually get to play the game as I wish.


I actually think there’s a lot of us. We’re just old now. Hell… those that joined during SL are also well into adulthood now. It’s just that AO handled expansions very, very poorly. Making old content obsolete was the most devastating thing to AO ever. Newland was PACKED with players back in 2002. Omni Entertainment and Tir/Athens were booming metropolises. Endgame raids were exceedingly hard and as soon as the main Enforcer died… all hell broke loose. PvP was based around cool titles, primarily in the Arenas. You could sit down and wait for some agent or otherwise hidden Clan/Omni’s to gank… and they would gank. It was so much fun. Fighting for Notum turrets was so much fun. Farming for the shoulderpads, and Trash king following that… oh there’s so many hours of joy to be had in classic AO.


It’s silly to call it “That thing”… but it’s accurate. It’s near impossible for me to accurately point out what made me love the game so much… it just all culminated into a single phrase “That thing”.

It was the missioning. The finding of teams. Tweaking and twinking your character to equip that next Div9, Manex, Adventurer swords (which I have forgotten the name of… sadly), Beam, Katana and so on. Then there was also nano skills to push to the utmost level… just so you could do missions that were even harder. Clicksaver app to make it burn through generating missions to find that 125+Ql implant or expensive Nanos (money was of issue back then). Making sure it was missions to merely look at an object and bailing. Then there’s the shoulderpads quest… oh the shoulderpads quest!

Then there’s that AO feel… wastelands, shacks, whompa’s, Grid, Clan cities, Omni cities, Borealis. It was sidetracked by Shadowlands. Sure you could BE in mentioned places like that… but you had no reason to. You had no other choice in Notum Wars. It was put to the side in Shadowlands, but Alien Invasion properly RUINED it. The largest organization in the galaxy, Omni-Tek, having cities that were made to look archaic in comparison to Omni/Clan organizations’ own cities that were sleek, futuristic and beautiful. It just made no sense. And add to injury, these cities were put in places that then lost all their wasteland, desert charm. Not to mention they became the hangout places for everyone since the global trade system had replaced the trade chats anyway.

Anarchy Online is at its best with Notum Wars. We don’t need more.


I can’t agree with the OP enough. I beta tested AO and played at Launch until SL came out and would love there to be nothing beyond Notum Wars on the new server. SL killed the game for me and many of my org. It did not fit the AO world at all. Remember it was originally going to be a separate fantasy game before it was shoe horned into Rubi-Ka’s sci-fi setting. It changed the vision of the game entirely and not for the better.

I resubbed to play as close to classic AO as I could and am pretty happy with what I got(would have loved the original intro and character start in the lab) but I will drop my sub once SL arrives and wait hopefully for a true classic only AO server.


100% agree with the OP.
I played AO from launch to shortly after the release of SL, which completely ruined the game for me. I quit then, and came back a couple of years later to give it another go because I missed the game so much, but I just couldn’t stand it.
This new server has pulled be back in for a while, and it’s absolutely incredible, I’m loving every minute of it.
But again, once Shadow Lands comes back, I’m out.
Hoping for a true classic server, but I think I’m hoping in vain.


I dont have that much experience of the expansions (Highest character was 150 ish) but I did feel Shadowlands ruined RK for the simple fact it took players completely away from the RK population centers… and the XP boost there, just encouraged it to happen. The levelling is nice for sure and its got some great aspects too it but yeah… it was a mistake in what it did back on RK.

I think it also ruined Tower wars too, you no longer got casuals randomly raiding a tower etc. It was just a way to boost people and made people skip core RK content.

To me the game is setup and introduced to you as a wartorn / conflicted colony/planet and Tower Wars and everything else the game created was more than enough to give orgs a daily purpose and fight for buff zones etc. SL just took all of that away.

Now there is no advantage for Funcom to plug Shadowlands on this server, I think it should be adjusted or just skipped.


To me the game is setup and introduced to you as a wartorn / conflicted colony/planet and Tower Wars and everything else the game created was more than enough to give orgs a daily purpose and fight for buff zones etc. SL just took all of that away.

If you went into the shadowlands and didn’t receive the same experience of it being a wartorn conflicted area you seriously missed out on the story content. Near everything that is happening on Rubi-Ka and has happened in the history of humanity (throughout the extended lore) is present in the conflict presented between the Redeemed, Unredeemed and Creatures from the Brink. I understand you concerns that obviously there was no PvP content in SL and it was all more traditional in gameplay forms to that of other MMOs, but it certainly wasn’t a different atmosphere emotionally and it should be explored properly for people to understand that alone.


Not sure where to leave my feedback , but as the new 2019 server is said to be “Based on a player feedback” - many, many of the currently players there, asked for bringing back the old PVP title system, would that be implemented at a certain point?
Currently, with the new system, it took over 11 years for a single person, to actually achieve the level 10 rank.
That’s not going to be possible for 1 year with limited population in the 2019’ server.


100% agree.

I play froob now because I love classic RK. I like Clan vs Omni (not Redeemed/Unredeemed). I like old world weps like Support Beams, Flashpoint IEC, etc.

Just having a progression server will not make me reactivate. I was crazy excited when I first heard about it, but when I figured out it was SL/AI/etc in short order… eh.

I would gladly pay for a ‘froob’ experience on a different server. Especially if some of the easier changes can be rolled back - stuff like shops not carrying the 000 weapon upgrades. No ICC shops or Newcomer armor.

I’d even like to see ToTW, IS, CoH and The Reck take a while to roll out. Many of the drops ruin standard older weapons. I more or less quit my Enforcer when I realized he had to swing a stick around (Howlet) instead of a massive Support Beam :smiley:

I figure there must be others like me. If they want my money, old school will do it. As authentic as possible without requiring a massive dev time.


Yea, I’m a bit turned off by the illegal ofab prevalence and some other things. ICC in general feels too “progressed”. But FC would have to put in a bit of effort to both recode in the old systems and maintain two branches of RK in future patches, and FC doesn’t have those kinds of resources for AO.

Still bummed that it will eventually get SL, but hopefully not until after we milk the RK content and get to the 200 cap (the decision to make SL available from 1-200 always baffled me).


Have to say I am in the " No SL or AI camp "

Loving the new server so far but the only thing holding me back from subbing for a year is the fact they plan to drop SL and AI on it.

At the moment the server feels alive.

Chat is full of folks and it feels like a community again. I was around for the first year of AOs life before NW, SL and AI and the community feels very much like it did back then.

Once SL opens up the game becomes to big the population becomes scattered and you lose the community feeling.

I know people will leave as time goes on but the stronger a games community is the longer people stay and in turn that attracts newer players. The original AO is still the best MMO ever made as far as I am concerned and I am hoping with the excitement around this new server Funcom will once again realise that AO is worth investing in, especially in today’s market were players are looking for that old school experience. Even WOW is getting in on the act because they realise there is a market there.

I will just ask Funcom when was the last time you saw such a buzz within the game ?


I doesn’t consider myself in the RK only camp. But watching things unfold over the past few days have left a thought in my mind. I havn’t decided yet but I have a feeling people are so used to the progression path of the “real” server that they are stuck on that path, disregarding everything else that RK offers, and pushing upwards in a very high pace. A pace and path that I am sure will also influence the way Funcom makes decisions about upping level cap and adding expansions.

As I started with; I do not consider myself a RK only person. But I can see the benefits of it from another perspective, and that would be players focusing on the myriad of things that are available on RK and not live in a world where they know that SL will be added in a near future.


I know I am late to the party but I have been a bit vocal on Facebook about my dislike of how this new server has been handled.

I myself am also in the no expansions club. Bringing out SL and beyond will just draw everyone away from Rubi-Ka all over again. Instead, maybe you should take this new server as an opportunity to expand on Rubi-Ka, bring out new Rubi-Ka based dungeons, have new towns/cities grow over time generating new locations on Rubi-Ka there is plenty of empty land for Rubi-Ka citizens to migrate to and start building a new town.

Stick to Rubi-Ka, this is what the majority of the people want, this is what 90% of your re-subs this month are for. To play classic AO. Why would people want to start a fresh server that is just going to be the same as the current one in 12 months? Why not just make a new character on the current server?

Keep it separate, keep it distinctive and build on the classic gameplay that everyone loves. You will have a massive success story on your hands if you treat this as a second chance, to not split the playerbase or dilute it so much you hardly see anyone. Keep it retro, keep it Rubi-Ka.