Am I the only one who wants Old-School AO/RK content only?


Maybe FC should do a poll to gauge the interest in a classic only AO server (or Notum Wars as the only expansion)? They could then just make one for those people (like me) who detested Shadowlands for destroying the great hard sci-fi game that AO was. I bet it would be a popular and populated server. I’d even wager you’d then see quite the exodus from Rubi Ka 2019 once this server opened and you’d be back to the empty single player game state of the regular server.

The good news for those who disagree is that you won’t have to hear from people like me after SL comes out as we’ll disappear to whence we came dreaming of the day our classic AO dreams are realized.


I pretty much agree with the OP, with the caveat that I first quit AO long before any expansions were released.

I first started playing AO in 2001, with a cadre of players from my EQ guild. We played for awhile, then went back to EQ. Lots of issues then that don’t exist now, like the Freedom Arms nerf that made me decide that a Nova Flow was a better choice for my advent. Don’t laugh, there wasn’t a lot of good alternatives back then for low level toons.

AO missions stratified us in ways EQ did not. EQ had long term camps, where all in the guild were welcome if they could get there, or we could spare someone to bring them. AO missions didn’t work that way. You were there when it started, or were SOL (I’m guessing EQ camps were kind of like the heckler camps, but having never joined one in AO, I dunno. If so, they were good for EQ guilds cohesiveness by allowing any to join in, when they could).

The camping of insurance terminals in PvP zones caused endless death loops, which of course is easily avoided by not doing that, but being among the first to ever encounter it, who knew?

BTW, I decided to play one of my characters from back then a couple of years ago, and found that I could not use any insurance terminal, since gear needed to be retrieved from it, but the mechanism for retrieving it no longer exists (so I doubt if you’re having to do that now? And if not, the retro server is pretty bogus?). I will forever appreciate the work a dev did to make it possible for that toon to use an insurance terminal. She was born in Aug. 2001, and I didn’t want to delete her.

So I don’t necessarily view the old days as being all that fun, compared to what we were used to.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I return alone, without my EQ guild.

SL was fun at first, until I get to the part where in order to progress further requires me to acquire pieces to summon a creature, and after much work to gather the pieces, it instantly reduces my HP to 1.

Obviously intended to make you get help with it, but at this time, most of the population was way beyond this. Since I can only tolerate AO in small chunks, i.e., a month or two at a time, it isn’t responsible for me to use a guild that way.

So while I immediately joined EQ2’s first TLE server - similar to the retro server in AO, except they didn’t promise to wipe my characters, my original experience in EQ2 was great fun, and while SL might have been great with a guild, it pretty sucks if you have to solo beyond Scheol (I can assure you, no heckler camping required before then), which raises the question why don’t they fix that instead?


ALL of the expansions need to be introduced. Period. People who dont like SL can stay out of it and play the stuff they like. It isnt really that hard.


Completely agree with the OP, its not that I dont like the expansion content, Its just that I would also love to play AO/NW only. If you want all expansions there is a server to play on and I would not mind paying for a permanent vanilla AO server. Perhaps in the future there could be new content developed for that server that could serve the other server as TL5/TL6 content too.

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The problem with “stay out of SL if you don’t like it” is that that isn’t really an option. SL content is so drastically overpowered compared to RK content that it is pointless to even try, if you don’t go after the nanos, weapons, symbiants, armor, perks, etc, even if you stay under level 200. And we don’t exist in a vacuum. Unless you can keep the SL economy and SL content out of PvP, there isn’t a contest.

Froobs work at low levels for a reason; they don’t work so much at high levels for the same reasons.

The depressing thing is that characters with SL content just easily outpower normal RK raids. Why bother doing merc raids when someone can come along and just own it (not that the gear is even worth the effort anyway).


*rasies hand for RK NW. I grew up playing AO, and i cant lie. Vanilla was awesome, and I honestly really enjoyed SL. I had alot of great memories. AI was fun too but i drifted away. To be honest, i think implementing the expansions would kinda ruin it. I do feel that the community would stay stronger/last longer on just RK NW. I miss the arena’s and pvp. Jumping whompas into clan/omni territory, ganking etc etc. Yea that was all possible with the expansions, but everything was so diluted. There was really a great feeling on RK before all the content flooded in. Not saying that SL was horrible, it wasnt. I really enjoyed it…and it took me forever on hellcom to get a damn burden. At this point, being back over a decade…Im up for Rubi-Ka and excited to explore it once again. …SL will take that away b/c the community on RK will become diluted/obsolete


great summary @fhixalix. I remember going from froob to sloob and loving SL, but for a lot of the same reasons, I don’t want to play it on the new server. Another reason is that its the beginning of the no-compromise arms race. In AO you get three slots per imp and you have to make choices with symbs you get it all. Same with gear, in AO you have to pick and choose pieces that make sense for you build and they will have measurable consequences. In SL and beyond you get to have combined armor etc that takes the sting out of the game.


I agree. Saying ‘Stay out of SL if you don’t like it’ is like us classic fans telling SL lovers to go back to the regular server if you want SL. It’s not a viable solution for either side of the discussion since people came here to get away from it.

I’d happy pay $20 a month for just a classic AO server since there is no other way to play it. Strangely there was never any third party Emu servers (that I know of) like there was/is for other MMOs otherwise I’d be there.

So how about it Funcom? How feasible to spin up a regular AO server and test the waters?


Considering the effort it took for a dev to get my gear out of reclaim so that she could use an insurance terminal (which took weeks and which I will forever appreciate, since she was the second toon I made in AO, in August 2001), I’m guessing it isn’t easy. Certainly not in the “spin up” range of difficulty, if they didn’t save the original.

However, they had good reasons for fixing the original, so it’s more difficult than that.

Such as, the original AO involved loss of exp and removed your gear upon death, which isn’t simple for today’s AO players, who have laddered the ability to equip in complex ways. Yeah, I don’t have much sympathy for that. Just saying what I remember.

I also remember PvP goons camping insurance terminals, sending players into infinite death loops.

I remember my advent deciding to follow the advice of the leading advent at that time that Assault Rifles were more effective than the weapons Funcom supposed we should use, after they nerfed the pistols they gave us (viable melee options not existing at all back then). I tried it, and she/he was right, but at so painful an IP cost, I stopped playing advent.

Funcom changed things for a reason, ya know? The original release was awful to the point I waited a month before playing because it was impossible to move around Tir (which was the original Clan hangout, but is badly designed, hence Old Athens now, which is much better laid out.)

But starting a new server, capped to prevent the power gamers from dominating, is a good idea, although I was opposed to it at first, because of my EQ2 experiences doing something similar, but while it’s also a dying game, they still have several servers, unlike AO. And including the fact that I don’t remember any push for the original, but rather just a fresh start.

That first fresh start did fail, perhaps because deficiencies had since been fixed, and perhaps all that was needed was to just to start a new server.

But I’m wondering if the power gamers being blocked makes the newbs happier?


Someone raised a point above:

“Mistake FC made is that they released it as an alternative to RK which made RK obsolete. If they made SL, say 150+, things would come together very different.”

I totally agree with this point. I would also love to see AO with no SL or implemented with a minimum level of 150 so that RK remains valuable.


SL is just great. a great experience from nascene to pande. i hope we get it soon ™ on new server aswell. the zones, mobs, items, stuff to do is awesome. i hope we get it rather sooner than later, to enjoy all the zones.


Well as the original idea of 1 year server i think SL/AI will ruin game experience. We already have RK1 as full expansion server and since 2019 one is paid server everyone there can play it.

Maybe after 1 year if server goes permanent expansions will be welcome, or maybe not. Comunity will say.

Btw i bet most pf ppl who agree with full expansions are multibox ones.


I just want to add my voice to the “Please delay SL for as long as possible” choir.

Classic AO with NW is more than good enough for me for the first year, at least.

Perhaps AI at the end of mentioned cycle, since I only have fond memories of AI raiding. It might be skewed nostalgia talking though :slight_smile:


the only thing I don’t like about SL are gd questlines, some of them are just silly af, but you gotta do them or suffer being mediocre. I’m down for whatever, altho not particularly looking forward to grinding out LE research again either lol, either way, let’s just do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if they would not release SL or other expansions, me and all my returning m8s want our money back. We came back for progression server as stated.

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people forgot, how bad RK is at lets say 120+… because then we will have 95% of the items equipped that are there on rk. not much content, not much more to do. just a boring long grind to 200. it just doesnt make sense and it will kill the servers population. SL should be here at around level 100. probably earlier, so that some can still enjoy nascene.


Good argument to delay SL until 120.


Telling people to go back to the other server is futile…
I dont think people realize that most people probably enjoy rk19 because its a fresh server.
I think SL should be released sooner rather than later, because SL adds so much gameplay, and its probably one of the best expansions ever made for a game.


I’ve been pondering this some more, and now agree that releasing SL asap is probably a good idea, with it’s newbie zone still intact if possible.

It does provide more interesting alternatives to grinding missions, Subway, ToTW, SOM, and Foreman’s by providing a more guided questing experience.


It’s odd that people are blaming SL for making RK content obsolete, this is not the case. While Chosen/Faithful armor are great in some slots (for some professions) there’s still a need for both azure armor and OTAF armor for a lot of professions. Beast armor is also not the go to for a full set without the awakened upgrades.

SL adds more variety than people give it credit for, it’s almost as if everyone is thinking about both AI and LE being the same thing as just SL :slight_smile:

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