Am I the only one worrying about Golems possible autonomous harvesting?

not really i mean if your gonna build over the resource node place might as well own it and make a trading of it.

Its a good way to create wars , Wars alway been about scarity of a resource. And If i recalled correctly that what CE is suppose to be about

From what I understand, golems are finite in HP, and can only harvest while following. It’s basically a buddy while you’re going out, not passive afk resources. With the no-healing limitation you’re not gonna drag it to super dangerous places often, and if you do you’re gonna spend less time harvesting yourself to be the golem’s bodyguard. Essentially a farming build getting hit with an uno reverse card, you become the thrall.

Right, gain monopoly or near-monopoly over a resource and set your own terms for “trade” with the rest of the server. A trade which can happen only while you’re online. Great way to kill a server real fast.

You’re thinking about PVP only. That might work in PVP, although most likely you’ll either get wiped mercilessly or kill the server because there’s no way to oppose you.

But in PVE and PVE-C? Ain’t no wars happening there.

Let’s face it, Conan Exiles isn’t made for “wars”.

Except Den said they were working on making them autonomous and bringing the same feature to normal thralls. That’s why we’re speculating about it.

I really, really hope they don’t do that.


Likewise. It’s fine as is, I see this as a way of staying in a combat build and outsourcing the farming build to a follower so you don’t have to respec. Automating would go against the idea of going on adventures they’re pushing for.


I still say that while technically possible intent not practically because of the ai needs. 40 play limits but figure you got 60 players around, all having gol ai mining resources plus the guard thralls plus the 1 to 4 combat followers plus the steed thrall…for everyone on the server…it’s not feasible to play that way. I mean officials wig out with 40 lamps running in a base and you all think 80+ thralls around the map actively finding and collecting resources is going to work?

Let me tell ya a story :older_man:

I was one of the original alpha testers for Defiance; not a bad game in the start even though it was released with a game stopping bug. When it started it was a nice little scifi game, you had encounters, events, and missions. You had squad wars; my intro to live die repeat fighting. As well as shadow wars with factions fighting over mats. Humans vs aliens, and the occasional raider. Then they added, zombies, robots, more raiders, different aliens till the game was so full of encounters and events it was unplayable. there was no down time, it was none stop fighting out side of merchant zones.

I see Conan headed that same way, each chapter adding more to the stack, and I see it continuing till we are quite literally drowning in content. Game updates will be hundreds of gigs of content meshes and textures. I see Conan as a game that will either get to where it is unplayable do to chests of legacy bugs, or collapse under the weight of it’s own content.

no more moon?

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Yes @EduMariano, for night we will have eclipse from now on. It’s cool, but i really loved the moon in this game. I am going to miss it very much :confused:. But so be it!



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This one wonders how tough, fast, and how much inventory space the Golem will have.
The joys of missing the stream.

As for auto harvest… this one will wait until seeing how it works in play. Many things look awesome or awful prima facie, but once in play are non-issues.
Hopefully there will be a robust test phase with reports coming back.

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Target release is 3-14. Public Beta starts this Thursday.


That seems a fair amount of time.
But time is only one component.
It also requires a strong feedback loop, both transmission and reception (as a console scrub, this one is useless in this department).

Those with mod experience, is this a healthy amount to see to most functional needs?


I take the dungeon.

I give the rest to you’s

       Goood night
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What rare resources are golems going to monopolize?

I’ve learned to never under estimate the lengths people will go to be obnoxious or inconsiderate. I’ll remain wary of this new feature until I see it in action


It’s an interesting idea but I really don’t see the point especially when official servers are 4x harvest. It hardly harvests anything from what I’ve seen. Is it just another buffer to keep pve players interested in the game for another month or two? (No offense)

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Why not have them just stationed somewhere at base and farm autonomously while pacing the base grounds? Periodically their inventory fills up with the desired materials without draining the resources. Fallout 76 does this with the collectron and it works just fine.

When golems or normal thralls go automon in the world it will be a desaster, both for pvp and pve. If there is one thing in Conan Exiles you can predict right from the beginning, its people will abusing such systems to the max. to destroy others people gaming experience.

This said. I would rather see a new gathering workstation instead, that can be build independently the biome within your own landclaim and works like a “mine” of some sorts. You then can put golems or other thralls in them and deside which Items they wanna go for. The better or more skilled the thrall the more you harvest. So take your thralls/golems onto a leveling tour and later put them in the mine.

Something like this. The minute a thrall needs a certain spot for harvesting something the landclaimabuse gets real. It calls for abuse.

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Doubt it’ll be too worrisome. People already pointed out limited inventory but also remember they are followers and probably not top tier fighters. They’ll probably get killed by wildlife if you leave them out long in the event they get them gathering without following you.

Server I play on is 1x. Remember, developers don’t have provided servers in mind when making content.

The real question is if golems are affected by harvest rates or not. That wasn’t mentioned.

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Official PvP is, or was, 4x. I assume it got changed back to 2x at the same time they reverted holiday decay time, though I don’t play PvP, so I don’t keep up on that.

Official PvE is always 1x.