Amazing patch and update!

Hey there,

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome update recently! The survival in the north is brutal and much more fun, the animations are awesome, the weapon improvements are great, all great work!

Did you make characters more beefy? Cause my character looks way cooler than before lol. Graphics look way better as well, but i might just be extra happy with the new animations lol.

All in all great work!


what changed in the north?

Ned Stark got beheaded.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Np as that is from Game of Thrones.

Glad you like it Jesstheripper! :slight_smile:


That didn’t happen in the north, that happened at kings landing #spoilers


True, but it still changed the North :wink:

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Would hold up on the praise really, some good changes still alot broken that has been forever to fix, jumping is poor very slow animation they need to speed it up some, Thralls are still unreactive as ever. Purges start then stop straight away, body bugs through the mesh, AI mobs still just stand there while u beat on them worse at peak time, Fire the useless workers who made the AI code. Theres bugs an problems will be around an â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  will give up on developing the game before they are fixed they have that track record.

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Lol i haven’t really had a problem with those things. I can see where you’re coming from but it doesn’t seem as big as some people make it out to be. I’d love to see less lag, but the game runs pretty damn good on my PS4 on an official server with a ping of 66. And now it looks better than ever!

One thing I would like though: a better Conan’s atlantian sword! One made at a blacksmith bench that can be flawless! Otherwise I’m content lol

just couldn’t let someone express their joy could we.


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