An alternative (possible storyline) to the "end game"

I think what would have been better for this is unlocking the bracelet would have had more significance.
It allows you to escape the cursed lands … okay. In other words you get to go past the ghost wall without the penalty of being immediately killed.
Unfortunately, you get to start over from scratch again which is what we really don’t want.

So I thought of an alternative:
1.Put the original cursed wall back in it’s original position (as it was before the expansion).
2.Locate the artifacts back into the original map in various dungeons with their respective bosses at the end of each dungeon. (Except the Serpent Ring of Set).
3.Make it a quest-story line where the player/s seek their freedom to pass the ghost fence …
to enter the new areas on a journey to ultimately find and defeat Thoth Amon (the holder of the Serpent Ring of Set). Make it a scalable difficulty event. (from solo to multiplayer depending on the number of players in a group).

One player gets to have the Serpent Ring of Set (becoming the new High Priest of Set) and is given the powers of “dark magic” … able to summon the undead and demons to fight for them.
Their first new challenge will be to defend their position from a ghost-undead version of Mek Kamoses who wants the ring for himself. If they are defeated by Mek Kamoses, then Mek becomes the new world boss champion that must be toppled by players seeking the Serpent Ring of Set.
They keep the ring as long as they are undefeated. But once they are defeated, the ring goes into the possession of the player striking the killing blow (or Mek) defeating the “New High Priest of Set”.

Other than this, once they are free to pass the cursed wall, they are free to travel throughout the map unhindered.
They have earned their freedom and are given a title suitable for their great deed by the Ghosts of the Triumvirate. (who are in fact the remnants of a long vanished Elder Race who were betrayed).