An elegant solution to land claim griefing

Give players/clans an allowance of 10 bases to build with normal decay.
10 bases will allow for Tebuchets, Wheel of Pain outposts and Map Room outposts, bridges and the like.

When an independant first block named “Alpha” is placed, that will add to the player’s entity cap. 1/10 structures allowed. All tiles added to that first block will belong to that group. Normal decay rules. cap stays 1/10.

Then when a different independant first block “Beta” get’s placed somewhere else, not connected to the first block “Alpha”, the cap increases to 2/10.

In essence, players are allowed 10 full bases.

When a player reaches 10/10 structure cap, anything they place on the ground after that not connected to any of the 10 allowed bases, regardless of size, will have a 1 hour decay.

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