An elegant solution to server caps

Language segregated subscription servers; public funded official servers curated by a dedicated and professional Funcom Admin(s).

This solution is not for all poeple. But those who would pay for priority access wouldn’t mind affording it.

These servers work like MMO servers, with opt-in pay for access. In return for the payment, players of that official server can download the server save files at any time.

Sure, it might seem like what unofficial servers are for, but admin abuse, and an admin/hosts loss of interest usually spells the end of said server. Some gamers are more motivated by playing something official, and like me, are willing to pay extra, for privileged access.

I have often experienced that paid access usually attracts clients who have exhibited a mature level of social integrity and are generally more pleasant to play with, than on an open official server.

They are afterall the folks who have made up their mind about CE.

Food for thought.

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