An Exiled Hope - (RP/PVE) 18+ - AOC

An Exiled Hope - Aoc/PVE (RP/PvP) - 18+

We are a small, friendly server with active admins who are looking to grow our player base and provide a welcoming, fun RP environment for players! We have a public warp and attached RP hub with several vendors, as well as a map room!

Admins have a number of storylines in place and ready to go, we just need more players to start interacting with them and kicking them off! As we are a small, curated community and our server is private. However, we are looking to interview new players and bring more on board! You can reach me on discord at BloodiedPorcelain#5919 to discuss things!


  • Kits for honor and feat points for those who complete RP bios on our discord and get approve
  • No Decay!
  • Harvest Rate 10x, Expanded storage slots!
  • Increased stack sizes
  • LBPR mods
  • Custom player-oriented and faction-oriented story lines and quests
  • Server wide events
  • Story - starting drops.
  • Custom dungeons in development.
  • /home enabled, public-use map room
  • Public RP hub with vendors

Our modlist is pretty long and can be provided during the discord chat!

Discord: Add me at BloodiedPorcelain#5919 for a quick chat and interview!