An Honest Review From a New player in 2018

I wanted leave some feedback about this game I think it has the potential to be very fun though it is definitely lacking in many areas so this is a list of problems, praises and possible solutions to problems as well as what I genuinely think about this game.


First things first is the lag… The delay and de - sync when it comes to combat is probably the most horrific thing I have ever seen in a video game. Why is that you are not able to simply attack a player or npc where they actually are on your screen? This is something that must be fixed and should be of top priority moving forward why this hasn’t had more attention before is beyond me.

Running Away
Due to the lag running around in circles or running away in a straight line is highly affective tactic. Why bother fighting someone when you can simply run away. It is quite difficult to actually hit someone due to the lag as being right behind them is useless when trying to make an attack.

Bodies dissapearing.
Why do bodies dissapear? Why is that you have to walk away and come back to get them. This needs to be fixed asap!

Difficulty destroying tier 3 structures
When you finally reach level 60 and you finally decide you would like to take out the enemy base you are usually forced to farm for several days in order to create jars in order to blow up the enemy base… the problem is that jars seem to do f*ck all damage and it easy to simply replace a door or foundation when building damage takes place. This fosters a game where players simply stay inside their bases during raid times and simply build themselves in never engaging anyone during pvp times… either increase the amount of damage for raiding equipment or simply create a delay timer after an explosion or building damage has been taken to stop this. Their should be a some sort of delay after a building is destroyed before you can replace it. This has simply killed the game for the players I have been playing with as they cannot be bothered creating the jars and farming the trebuchet and afterwards they simply cannot be bothered sitting outside a base while the entire enemy team hides in it… waiting for the doors to open… only to have them replaced…

Lack of late game content
From what I have heard from others the lack of late game content is the biggest problem. Their is simply nothing to do after you reach level 60 and have farmed a bunch of resources…

Broken Purges
Purges don’t work. They start then instantly end. It is impossible to gain the armourers or blacksmiths that you want or need from the too, to create the extra stuff.

Unfinished items.
The amount of unfinished entities and items in this game. Their just seems to be so much unfinished things in this game. Lack of tier 4 thralls and their spawning locations. Lack of upgrades and variety when it comes to weapons armour and dying. Difficulty attaining legendaries…

High quality looks like crap…
With a user that has a very high end system the game looks absolutely terrible on ultra. The screen becomes marred with the puss and you the game looks rugged and unclear. The increase in fps is also notable.

Difficulty building.
sometimes buildings just won’t place… Sometimes they just don’t work. why??? fix this please…

Good stuff:

The game does look amazing and it is obvious that a lot of hardwork has gone into it. The map and map design is great. Their are many places to build and many wonderful locations. Npcs look fresh and the models look great too. The dying system is wonderful and while it is annoying to craft the dies and paint them once added they can be used to create good colour combinations.

Okay that’s my thoughts hopefully more work goes into this game…


Yep, they still need to make items white with a dye already added when drooped. right now you dye on top of another base dye and that makes it way to dark or gives you to dark a color!

These are the most pressing issues for me as well. This leads to set up some options to easy mode, simply due to the fact that I am losing fights not because I am inferiour, but rather because the enemies are invisible, teleporting und stuff like that. Since I don’t want to extra punish myself for that, I adjust the options accordingly (don’t lose stuff when dying etc.), where it wouldn’t be necessary actually.