An idea for crafting armours

An idea i had after some thinking was to release stats from armours , and bind them to the armourers…

So fix each armourer type (add as many as needed) , so every category will have at least the same number of armourers as our attributes are…(so 7 named in each category -7 named in scoutwright, 7 in shieldwright and 7 in tempersmith, one representing strength, one representing agility and so on…)-minimum numbers given , feel free to add as many more as u feel
Then assign one named armorer of each class to an attribute… So lets say in scoutwright profession “x” armourer adds +3 strength , “y” armourer adds +3 vitality ,“z” armourer adds +3 accuracy (and so on) not depending on which piece they craft… This way i believe more variety will be added to what we wear as nomatter the piece we will choose what attributes a piece will have, making us decide the appearence of our character (great for roleplaying in pve, and unpredictability in pvp)…

Also make the recipe possible with different materials (lets say a “heat” padding and a “cold” padding so different resistances can be added at will…

Any opinions on that r welcome and any suggestions also…


A change like that might be bad for PVP. From what I keep hearing on these forums, many PVP players rely on being able to see what armor their opponent is wearing and adjust their tactics accordingly. At least, that’s what they keep bringing up every time someone suggests that Funcom should implement “armor skinning” or “social armor” or anything that changes the WYSIWYG nature of armors.

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That is why i said unpredictability for pvp… I see nothing bad to this. Will add more variety… like the new weapons added back in the day that had debuffs (eg the drunkards blade or blades that added corruption, heat etc) which are already same as other weapons but have different properties… Same will be with armor… u will only see the type one is wearing, and not be able to guess his build… Same ofc will be for u as well…

Sounds good to me. I don’t really have anything against it, but every time things like that were brought up before, there was always a handful of PVP players who would bring up the WYSIWYG argument.

Who knows, maybe this time the consensus will be different and the devs might notice.

To be honest, I don’t like the idea of having to hunt for a buttload of different armorers, given Funcom’s penchant for relying on unreasonable RNG. I like the idea of being able to customize the combination of appearance and stats, though. It’s just the RNG aspect that bothers me.


Yeah, the concept I like; the RNG element not so much. My worry is that this could be Grrr Legbiter all over again - I can just imagine spending hours trying to get hold of a t4 armorer (my current modded-with-AoC game I was past level 80 before I managed to encounter better than a t2 armorer (except the one brief encounter early game with no way to tame them)), only to discover that the one you got gives a ‘bad’ stat. And on a server I can imagine this could be even worse - once it becomes known which armorers give strength/vit, those spawn points will be camped, walled off, or otherwise made unavailable on a lot of servers, further unbalancing the playing field.

I wish I had a more positive answer - as I say, I like the idea - but I can see some serious potential problems with the approach. If I can come up with any way round them, I’ll get back to you.

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I like the idea of having stat bonuses being divorced from armor styles though it does present a few challenges with how the system is set up. So, first would be that every single item piece would need an individual entry for each stat so take the amount we have now and multiply it by seven.

I don’t necessarily agree with tying it to armorers of any tier because the whole thing would need to be RNG’d out the wazoo and I definitely wouldn’t subject myself to that much less expect any one else to do it. Ideally with something like this I’d try to tie it to crafting the armor itself - just set it up so that you’ve got a list of 7 different extra ingredients, one for each attribute. There’s gotta be some way to automate the item selection for crafting based on available components so the already horribly strained menu isn’t clogged up even more.

super late edit for a bit of clarity as I cooked this up in the middle of the night and I sometimes forget to mention little things. Basically how I picture it is you got the regular recipe for armor. Essentially what this system would do is make it so you can make any armor without a stat bonus - that’d be the plain recipe. So, we know the game already makes a determination about what components are available and can even make the missing amount if you have the materials.

Why can’t we just make it so forward-facing for the player they just see the one recipe but if the game sees these additional materials in the bench the output would then be one of the pieces of armor with whatever corresponding stat bonus? Obviously such a change like this would need to be well advertised as to what material gives which bonus so people don’t get left in the dark.

The footprint of the database would be that much bigger, but I think it’s a plausible way of giving people the (aesthetic) freedom they want (the WYSIWYG proponents for PvP excepted) without further filling up the crafting menus.

I have all the DLCs save the movie helmets. It can get crazy scrolling through all that stuff.


I understand what u all mean by the rng thingie and tbh i hate it also. Maybe then make paddings , that r bound with more materials and elixirs (lets say strength elixir for strength , numbing potion for enc etc ) added in the paddings that would affect the attributes? (What i mean is different extra materials ) so system can stay as it is , but lets say for double the price and some more materials -like maybe warpaints added on armor paddings or elixirs or maybe some of the keystone elements (lets say the trapezohedron adds stamina , the shatterrd keystone adds grit, the albino bat blood adds strength etc ) could create a padding that will add the attributes. A different background colour could be enough to make them different enough as icons…

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